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How do I Have Small Quantities of Plastic Manufactured?

13 Mar , 2018     Views:  64

How do I Have Small Quantities of Plastic Manufactured?   We got lots of enquires this period of time. Most of customers would like to get a quote for their plastic parts. They asked us to offer a best solution for manufacturing their plastic parts at lower cost without compromising the quality. Here, we are going to share the 4 processes we used commonly for making plastic prototype and plastic components....

TEAM Rapid Offers Sheet Metal Fabrication Service

12 Mar , 2018     Views:  92

  TEAM Rapid offers sheet metal fabrication and stamping service to meet your needs. We recommend the process that best serves your product requirements. Our happy customers come from a well-versed range of industries for automation machinery, IT storage equipment, storage solutions, and high technology centers.   We can create sheet metal parts...

TEAM Rapid: Prototype Manufacturing Company

09 Mar , 2018     Views:  94

  The workflow for making a product real involves starting with an idea, turning the idea into a prototype, and then making the production of the final design. The design might need lots of changes to meet the production at last two steps, this will be the challenge both for designer and manufacturer. TEAM Rapid covers the different ways you can prototype a...

Material We Work with Rapid Prototype Machining Services

08 Mar , 2018     Views:  73

Material We Work with Rapid Prototype Machining Services   Rapid prototype machining is one of our core services. What materials are available at TEAM Rapid? We work with a number of materials including multiple of metals, thermoplastic, elastomers, etc. We have an in-depth understanding of material’s mechanical properties, and cosmetic appearance performances, which allow us to offer...

We Love Small Quantities High Pressure Die Casting

07 Mar , 2018     Views:  63

We Love Small Quantities High Pressure Die Casting   High pressure die casting is the shortest route for getting your volume metal parts produced, it is a repetitive process suited to high production rates, and you can design your part in as little as 1-2.5mm wall thickness. Comparing to other casting processes, high pressure die casting can obtain better surface finish. This process allows precise,...

We Offer Value Added Services to Meet Your Needs

06 Mar , 2018     Views:  66

We Offer Value Added Services to Meet Your Needs   We start our business over 10 years and our core manufacturing service are rapid prototyping, Custom Plastic Injection Molding and high pressure die casting.   But you may not aware that we also provide a number of additional post-production services. We aim to be a one-stop work shop for making your products perfectly, which is different with...

What Our Customers Are Commenting About US?

05 Mar , 2018     Views:  84

  “I had been designing product for more than 25 years. Among these years 15 of witch I had spend on the field on the Asian continent. Although there are many horror stories around manufacturing in China, experience allowed me to build an extensive network of reputable and reliable manufacturing ecosystem. I had followed Jason Zhu and Eric Chen for many years...

Technical Specifications of Vacuum Casting

03 Mar , 2018     Views:  77

  Vacuum casting is a cost effective way for low volume manufacturing your products. It is fast turnaround and can bridge the gap from prototype to production. Here, we are going to talk about the technical specifications, maybe you can take this process into consideration for your next rapid prototype production.   Vacuum casting Material: Hundreds of...

Getting Competitive Prototype Quotes from TEAM Rapid

02 Mar , 2018     Views:  76

Getting Competitive Quotes from TEAM Rapid   A new customer contacted us for a new project:   Dear All , Please find our drawing. Quantity /year : Prototype - 1 to 10 Pre series - 50 to 100 Series - 500 to 1500 Market duration = 7 years     Our engineer got the email and suggested the best process to customer for saving manufacturing cost and time....

Engineering Service for Cutting down Your Manufacturing Costs

01 Mar , 2018     Views:  60

Engineering Service for Cutting down Your Manufacturing Costs   TEAM Rapid Manufacturing is grouped of well-known professionals that apply 10 years manufacturing experience to optimize your design to lower your production costs and shorten time to launch your products. We provide every step to support your design and engineering needs:   Engineering Design Assistant for realizing your design to...

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