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The Best China Rapid Prototyping Company

31 Jan , 2018     Views:  78

  Looking to make something fast? These are the China Rapid Prototyping Company for the job. Depending on your requirements, you can have a range of material selections for your products. Some such as ABS, Nylons, POM, Aluminum, Stainless Steel are common materials that can be used.   Prototyping is an important stage to verify your design and...

TEAM Rapid: Plastic Mold Manufacturer China

30 Jan , 2018     Views:  74

  If you are for a plastic mold manufacturer for molding your plastic parts, then sourcing molds in China is going to be the less expensive method. Building a mold in China seems a bit complexity at first, but actually it is quite easy if you work with a reliable manufacturer. You can benefit a lot by making your mold and products in China, here are some benefits:...

China Injection Molding Cost

29 Jan , 2018     Views:  105

  A mold can cost from less than 1 thousand to hundreds of thousands of US dollars. It depends on a lot of factors, the mold’s complexity, material, size and number of cavities. In addition, we also need to consider about the factors such as the injection type (cold runner or hot runner), geographic location of suppliers etc.   It is a common sense that the mold...

What Should I Look for When Sourcing A Injection Mold Maker

27 Jan , 2018     Views:  109

What Should I Look for When Sourcing A Injection Mold Maker in China   If you are planning for manufacturing your custom designed product, chances are that you need to source and select reliable Injection Mold Maker China. We are going to share our opinions for assisting you to verify the mold manufacturer in China. Here is the checking list:   1. How long they star their business? ...

2018: Happy Customers

22 Jan , 2018     Views:  89

  In the busy season of 2018, we helped lots of customer worldwide to make their Rapid Prototyping China and products fast and successfully, we received lots of recommendations and testimonials. Here, we would like to share some recent feedbacks from our great customers:   “ Hi Jason,   Thank you for your email and my apologies for the delay getting...

Creating Automobile Prototype for Your New Design

15 Jan , 2018     Views:  82

  There are some processes between the initial concept design to final end product. A lot of test and verification during this period, how to guarantee your design works? The answer is building rapid prototype for your automobile products.   Automobile prototype plays an important role in R&D and manufacturing. An automobile prototype can...

How to Balance the Cost and Quality in China Rapid Prototyping

09 Jan , 2018     Views:  120

How to Balance the Cost and Quality in China Rapid Prototyping Service?   Quality and Cost are always the top 2 considerations for customers to purchase or select manufacturing service. We want something or some services in good quality, good price, fast delivery and excellent customer service. However, it is a big challenge to source someone who can meet all your requirements, good quality always means...

3 Popular Polymers Used in Injection Molding

06 Jan , 2018     Views:  92

3 Popular Polymers Used in Injection Molding   Nowadays, injection molding makes it possible to produce many items not only in large volume but also in low volume. There are many materials option when comes to the production of those items. How to choose? Here, we will talk about the 3 popular polymers for injection molding and the benefits of each.   Polyamide (Nylon)   Good...

On-Demand Manufacturing: Injection Molding Service at TEAM Rapid

04 Jan , 2018     Views:  93

On-Demand Manufacturing: Injection Molding Service at TEAM Rapid   The key point of on-demand manufacturing is flexibility. At TEAM Rapid, our injection molding service is not only suitable for medium or large volume production but also for rapid prototype and low volume manufacturing. Depending on what quantity and when you need, we will suggest the best way to build your tool at lowest cost without...

Best Wishes from TEAM Rapid: Happy New Year 2018

29 Dec , 2017     Views:  156

Best Wishes from TEAM Rapid: Happy New Year 2018   TEAM Rapid would like to wish you all a very Happy New Year 2018!   We would also like to say a huge THANK YOU to all our clients and friends for all of your trust and business that you have given to TEAM Rapid throughout the year!   In 2018, we will keep offering the best service to meet your Rapid Prototyping and Low Volume...

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