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Engineering Service for Cutting down Your Manufacturing Costs

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TEAM Rapid Manufacturing is grouped of well-known professionals that apply 10 years manufacturing experience to optimize your design to lower your manufacturing costs and shorten time to launch your products. We provide engineering service to support your design, rapid prototyping and engineering needs to cut down your Manufacturing Costs.


Engineering Design Assistant for realizing your design to physical: Our skills and technical known engineers help you to solve your design question about material, hardness and assembly.


Rapid Prototyping: Our quoting team provides you with assistance and bids for getting your Rapid Prototyping quickly to meet your production ramp smoothly.


Reverse Engineering for creating your products from sample or documentation: Experienced engineer can assist you in building or duplicate the physical products, we can creating the documentation for processing.


Document Management: All the engineering documents for manufacturing such as drawings, bills of materials, work instructions, assembly aids etc are protected securely and permanently, being able to reorders when you need another round production.


Design for Manufacturing Ability review and suggestions: Our engineering staff works closely with your designer to review your product for shooting down potential manufacturing and assembly issues. We aim to provide you the best solution for maximizing manufacturing ability and minimizing costs.


Are your looking for a reliable partner to process Prototyping China and low volume manufacturing? TEAM Rapid has years of experience in engineering and manufacturing, we know all your needs and can meet your expectation, contact our team at today and get a free quote.

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