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Customers’ Comments for The Sent Parts

10 Dec , 2018     Views:  52

  Here are some comments which we get from the new customers. Hope they good reference for you to know about us.   Hello, I was very pleased with the previous work you provided for me. I may only note that some of the threads required additional screw-tapping. I need to produce an additional new part. Can you please quote me for 5 parts according to the...

Services at TEAM Rapid

04 Dec , 2018     Views:  60

  TEAM Rapid is one of such companies which is offering rapid prototypes and low volume manufacturing at low cost and high quality. We are in the industry for over 10 years, we services over 500 customers during these years. Our one-stop service allows the customers start from the earlier prototyping stage to later low volume production. We understand what your needs, and can assist you to...

Advantages of Rapid Prototyping

29 Nov , 2018     Views:  56

  Rapid prototyping brings lots of conveniences and advantages to engineer, design and development team. Here, we are going to talk about some great advantages such as:   1.  Rapid prototyping allows the ability to explore and realize the concepts quickly. This efficiency in time and costs give the capability to team to move beyond the mere visualization of a...

Understand the significance of rapid prototyping services

27 Nov , 2018     Views:  24

In general, a prototype is a model, an early sample or a release of the product used to test the process or concept on the whole. You can compare professional prototyping services at this time and start a step to look at the latest and the most popular prototyping companies online. You will get the prompt assistance and be happy about how to successfully overcome...

How to Quote with Injection Molded Parts?

26 Nov , 2018     Views:  53

  Injection molding is one of our core services at TEAM Rapid. How to provide a quote to stand with competitive and quality is always our consideration. Here, we are going to talk about our workflow/considerations about quoting with injection molded parts.   Cover all the small products in one family mold if possible. The parts in similar size can be put...

When Should I Choose Low Volume Manufacturing?

23 Nov , 2018     Views:  70

When Should I Choose Low Volume Manufacturing?   Manufacturing is always a great topic which bears on product and technology development. How to improve the efficiency of manufacturing is a topic we strive on. Here, we are going to talk about low volume manufacturing,   Quantity- do you need low volume 1000 or 5000 parts at a short time? We can simplify...

4 Factors Contribute to Tool Life Time

19 Nov , 2018     Views:  58

  Tool life time is critical to volume injection molding. Building a mold is an investment on your company. The mold lasts for long time means you can get more volume injection parts, and make profits from them. Here, we are going to talk about the factors impact on your mold life time.   1. The core metal Core metals bears directly on tool...

Why Should I Consider Low Volume Manufacturing?

13 Nov , 2018     Views:  90

Why Should I Consider Low Volume Manufacturing?   Comparing with the mass production, low volume manufacturing should be more beneficial for the developing company and product development. Here, we are going to talk about the reason why we consider about low volume manufacturing.   1. Low volume manufacturing can save your money. You can buy small volume parts by less investment, and drop the...

Where Should I Draft on My Injection Molded Part?

05 Nov , 2018     Views:  91

Where Should I Draft on My Injection Molded Part?   Draft is necessary to include in your injection model to avoid drag issue during injection molding. What is draft? How should we set a proper draft on my part? Here, we are talk about it in the following article.   Draft: creating angles or tapers on features such as ribs, posts, walls and bosses that lie parallel to the ejection direction. How a specific...

Rapid Injection Molding Service at TEAM Rapid

31 Oct , 2018     Views:  84

  Our injection molding service enable to create prototype molded parts in thermoplastic resin products within 2~4 weeks. The designer can get quick parts by this method to do fitting and functional test. Furthermore, the company can have small to medium volume products to test the market in a short time. Rapid injection molding service can act as bridge to connect...

Two methods to produce mold by rapid prototyping company

25 Oct , 2018     Views:  109

Rapid Prototype (RP) is the physical modelling of the design using some unique and special class of latest technology. This system is used to produce quick models and prototype parts from the 3D computer-aided design (CAD) model data, data created from 3D object digitizing systems, and CT and MRI scan data. Using an additional method to build up the shapes, this...

Low Volume Injection Molding at TEAM Rapid

23 Oct , 2018     Views:  143

  Injection molding is a process by forcing melted thermoplastics into a mold cavity to create desired component. We can obtain high quality parts by this process.   TEAM Rapid provides both traditional injection molding and rapid tooling services to meet your small to large volume products needs. Multi-cavity tooling, tight tolerances, over-molding and second...

Great Comments from Customers in Sep 2018

20 Oct , 2018     Views:  83

  In Sep, we received lots of orders from customers. We shipped the parts timely and received may great feedbacks. Here we share these comments:   Hi This looks very good. I am very exited. I want to thank you for the good and quick comunication. I will definitely order more parts in the future. My phone number is +46737572XXX Best...

What is Mold Flow Analysis?

12 Oct , 2018     Views:  104

What is Mold Flow Analysis?   By applying mold flow analysis, we can stimulate an injection molding cycle with specified plastic and get the results. Mold flow analysis should start at the mold design stage before tool building. Through this analysis, we can tell the potential issues on the mold design and shoot down most defects by optimizing the product and mold structure.   By using a specialized...

What is Design for Manufacturability (DFM)?

11 Oct , 2018     Views:  101

What is Design for Manufacturability (DFM)?   The purpose of processing design for manufacturability (DFM) is to make a better product at a lower cost. By simplifying, optimizing, and refining the product design, we can shoot down most of the potential issue before running production.   We need to take these 5 factors into consideration during a DFM:  ...

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