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China Rapid Prototyping: SLA or SLS, How to Choose?

16 Sep , 2017     Views:  347

  3D printing is a revolutionary technology. This method directly uses the product’s three-dimensional computer data to achieve a prototype of the product based on the principle of layer-by-layer stacking of discrete layers. SLA and SLS are two mature laser China Rapid Prototyping technologies, and the material used in SLA is mainly photosensitive resin. At...

Prototyping Methods to Prevent Your Product From Being a Failure

13 Sep , 2017     Views:  185

Prototyping Methods to Prevent Your Product From Being a Failure   There are lots of reasons lead to new product fails. Some are marketing issues, whilst are product’s design and functionality.   Turning the product idea into 3D model seems like a most sufficient way to verify your design and see how the part work, you can save both your cost and time by using cheap and reliable Rapid Prototyping...

4 Aspects that Impact the Manufacturing Costs

08 Sep , 2017     Views:  200

4 Aspects that Impact the Manufacturing Costs   Would you feel like a shot in the dark when you request a quote for manufacturing your parts or product by Rapid Prototyping and Rapid Tooling, it seems hard to predict the price and time. But actually, there are several aspects that we can have an estimation of price and time you are going to receive. Parts material(plastic or metal), sized of the parts,...

Engineering and Design Supports for Rapid Tooling

04 Sep , 2017     Views:  331

Engineering and Design Supports for Rapid Tooling   At TEAM Rapid, most of our engineers have over 10 year experience in the tooling field. We can provide professional DFM (Design for Manufacturability) to our customers in the name of design optimisation before tooling, this greatly cuts down any potential quality risks that limit launching into the market quickly.   Advantages of DFM -...

5 Useful Tips about Surface Finish

02 Sep , 2017     Views:  205

 5 Useful Tips about Surface Finish   Surface finish always has a bearing on a part looks, functions and feels, it is a key to designing successful product. Knowing how to choose the best finish is a matter of designing products. Here are our some viewpoints and tips for your reference.  What’s the product for? Parts used in different environments will be subject to UV light, heat,...

How to Find the Best Rapid Tooling and Molding Partner?

29 Aug , 2017     Views:  211

How to Find the Best Rapid Tooling and Molding Partner?   Rapid tooling and molding is a complicated business, how to select someone who is reliable and value for money is a great topic. On top of this, there are thousands of companies offering similar services and price local throughout the world. Hereby, we share our viewpoints about looking for a Rapid Tooling and molding partner. -Price:It is...

What Material Is Suitable for Your Plastic Prototype

25 Aug , 2017     Views:  450

What Material Is Suitable for Your Plastic Prototype   There are many choices of plastic available for rapid prototype. How to select the best one to meet your needs? Here shares some general plastics info for reference.   ABS Description: this low cost engineering plastic offers exceptional mechanical and surface strength for a wide range of parts used in high-impact application...

Top 3 Methods of Rapid Prototyping

22 Aug , 2017     Views:  173

Rapid prototyping & Low volume manufacturing are great ways for verifying your design and testing the market. TEAM Rapid Manufacturing Limited is a leading and fast moving prototype & tooling manufacturing services company in China. How to build your rapid prototype parts? We will introduce the top 3 China Rapid Prototyping methods here:   CNC Prototyping...

Coloring Methods for Rapid Injection Molding

19 Aug , 2017     Views:  341

Coloring Methods for Rapid Injection Molding   Pigment, Master Batch and Pre-color are the three general ways for color matching in the injection field. What’s the different among these 3 methods? How to select the most suitable one for your ongoing molding project? TEAM Rapid Tooling China Limited specialize in Rapid Injection Molding for years, Let’s share our opinions and experiences here. ...

Benefits Of Team Rapid Tooling

15 Aug , 2017     Views:  398

Benefits Of Team Rapid Tooling   Recently, we have received many concerns from our clients that ‘why your rapid tooling cost is so low?’, ‘How can you make them so quickly’, ‘Will this affect the quality?’. Our answer is ‘We don’t sacrifice quality for quick profits’. So how our system works? Price: 1. We are based in China with western management and procedures. 2. We use...

Customer’s concerns on China Rapid Prototyping company

12 Aug , 2017     Views:  186

Customer’s Concerns on China Rapid Prototyping Company Thanks to the rapid prototyping technology, we can turn our ideas into realities quickly. The rapid prototyping technology has penetrates almost every fields in our life and it is developing quickly in China, especially for these several years. How to choose a reliable China Rapid Prototyping company would be priorities for the customers, what are...

3D printing or CNC prototyping?

10 Aug , 2017     Views:  205

    3D printing is the new technology developing more and more popular in recent years, while CNC Prototyping China is a mature technology for many years already. So what is the difference between 3D printing and CNC prototyping? How to choose? First of all, let’s see advantages and disadvantages between 3D printing and CNC prototyping: 1. The most...

Our 5 Top Key Points for Mold Design

05 Aug , 2017     Views:  399

  Are you working on a new injection molding project? You might have some concepts about how to manufacture your products. To ensure you can get high quality parts in short time frame, we would like to share our 5 important points that may help you to kick off your rapid tooling or Rapid Prototype Tooling project. 1. Layout, layout, Layout: Layout is one...

Equipment For Building Rapid Tooling Quickly

02 Aug , 2017     Views:  149

  We have talked some common machining equipment for tooling manufacturing at TEAM Rapid Tooling, hereby we will introduce some ‘smart’ equipment. CNC The traditional machining is almost manual operation with ordinary machines, which processing the work-pieces by hand-shaking the mechanical cutters and then measuring the parts by calipers or other...

General Equipment For Manufacturing Rapid Tooling

29 Jul , 2017     Views:  183

  Tooling which called mould, mold, tool, die as well, is the physical item that can be used to achieve the goal products by changing the shape of the material, especially if the item is not consumed in the process. Generally, it includes fixtures or jigs, soft tools (rapid tooling) for low to medium production, and hard tools for mass production. How to...

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