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Why We Need Rapid Prototypes?

28 Jun , 2018     Views:  61

Why We Need Rapid Prototypes? Prototype models give invaluable data to design teams to judge the fitting, assembly and function of the current design. The gathered data is helpful to shoot down potential issues both on manufacturing and application. If we can follow the well through Rapid Prototyping strategy, there is a great chance to cut down the cost and introduce the product to market promptly, reliably...

Which is the Better Option, CNC Milling or CNC Turning?

26 Jun , 2018     Views:  104

Which is the Better Option, CNC Milling or CNC Turning?   Both CNC milling and CNC turning are categories of CNC machining. How to choose the proper machining method to manufacture your parts at high quality and low cost? Here, we are going to talk about our considerations about these 2 similar processes.   Rather than claiming which one is better, we should think about these complementary technologies is the...

The Services from China Rapid Prototyping Company

22 Jun , 2018     Views:  45

Rapid prototyping services from various companies throughout the world nowadays assist every industrialist to prefer and invest in the best service after a comprehensive analysis of an array of options. If you are a beginner to the rapid prototyping service selection online, then you may get confused with different options and complex aspects of this service. You...

Can I Have Low Volume Injection Molded Parts?

20 Jun , 2018     Views:  64

Can I Have Low Volume Injection Molded Parts?   Benefit from its high efficiency and low cost, injection molding is one of the most important processes in manufacturing, especially in mass production. How about the small volume? Can we make my parts/prototypes by rapid injection molding? The answer is yes, we have rapid tooling process.   Advantages of Rapid Tooling:   Rapid tooling...

TEAM Rapid : Testimonials from Customers

12 Jun , 2018     Views:  77

TEAM Rapid : Testimonials from Customers   Recently, we received lots of feedbacks from customers. Here, we are going to share some comments:   “ Dear Jason Yes we have received it, and we have had a brief look this afternoon. The parts look very good and they fit together as far we could see in the short time. Thank you very much! We will check the functionality of all the...

Inquiries from New Customers

08 Jun , 2018     Views:  77

In the past 2 months, we received lots of enquiries, and appreciate for customers’ trust and business opportunity. Here, we are going to share content of a very sincere enquiry: “ Dear Madam or Sir: we are a startup company located in Europe. Our product is the first sport robot worldwide and is ready for manufacturing. A picture and a 3D explosion drawing of...

3 Factors Needed to Be Considered in Product Design

05 Jun , 2018     Views:  85

3 Factors Needed to Be Considered in Product Design   1. Design for Manufacturing   Good design always means the best available application, as well as for the easy manufacturing process. Collecting the engineering information is important for designer to make decision about material, structure selection and strengthen requirement, after settling down all these requirements, the designer...

Rapid Injection Molding Tooling: Quick and Reliable Service

05 Jun , 2018     Views:  51

Nowadays you can get a variety of rapid tooling methods suitable for designs and become realities. In fact, this consists of low volume manufacturing that is capable for parts that get attention on a regular basis. From different prototype making and tool used, the Rapid Injection Molding gives a suitable approach for regular basis. Of course,...

Sourcing Low Volume Production in China

30 May , 2018     Views:  84

Sourcing Low Volume Production in China   Custom and personalized products are the trend of today’s consumer. OEMs and supplier are now changing their mindsets, as the high-volume programs always involves lots of investment, also the low-volume production allows the OEMs to have small quantity products to test the market first, which allows less risky on manufacturing.   What defines low...

Factors associated to Injection Molding Costs

28 May , 2018     Views:  91

Factors associated to Injection Molding Costs   There are some factors which associated to injection molding costs. Let’s have a look at them.   Design   Mold design is the key point where you need to spend more time to think and need all your experience you can to design the mold. Think over all the questions before machining. What type of injection machine is the mold...

Benefit from Low Volume Manufacturing

24 May , 2018     Views:  96

  What are you supposed to do when you are facing with tight time frame project? Shifting your mindset from the traditional domain of high volume manufacturing to low volume manufacturing would be the best solution. Yes, traditionally high volume manufacturing was much more economical choice, but you may frustrate on it deliver on speed, risk management, and quality...

How to Have My Design Manufactured When CAD Ready

22 May , 2018     Views:  79

  When you come up with some new designs, how can you start your project and get these designs manufactured. Here, we are going to talk about some points for kicking start your project.   1.  What would your products be made of? Usually, the different materials are machined by different processing, you can never ask a plastic...

Steel Selection Notes for Your Injection Molds

18 May , 2018     Views:  127

Steel Selection Notes for Your Injection Molds   A.  If your product needed in transparent and high-quality. There are requirements on steel’s hardness and polishing property. Such as molding corrosive and abrasive plastic like PVC, the heat treatment of mold steel need reach HRC 48~52 degrees. B.  Generally, for the Pre-hardened steel, it can’t be heat treatment again. If you...

How to Avoid Voids and Bubbles in Injection Molding?

15 May , 2018     Views:  90

How to Avoid Voids and Bubbles in Injection Molding?   Injection molding involves injecting a melted polymer or resin into a cavity, the part forms after cooling. When there is air trapped in cavity, the part comes with voids, bubbles or even burning marks. How to avoid these defects?   Venting is a big deal! Good venting is helpful for producing good quality molded parts. Venting is a...

New Enquiry for Mass Production

14 May , 2018     Views:  83

New Enquiry for Mass Production   “ Dear Sir or Madam,   We are looking for a producer of our threaded attachments.   They come in two diameters:   5mm diameter 3.4mm diameter A set consists of the following components:   1 male thread + 1 female end cap 1 female thread + 1 male end cap 2 key rings (1 key ring per cap) 2...

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