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Engineering Service for Cutting down Your Manufacturing Costs

01 Mar , 2018     Views:  95

Engineering Service for Cutting down Your Manufacturing Costs   TEAM Rapid Manufacturing is grouped of well-known professionals that apply 10 years manufacturing experience to optimize your design to lower your production costs and shorten time to launch your products. We provide every step to support your design and engineering needs:   Engineering Design Assistant for realizing your design to...

8 Factors Contribute in the Cost of A CNC Part

28 Feb , 2018     Views:  117

8 Factors Contribute in the Cost of A CNC Part   There are many factors contribute in the cost of a CNC part. Each one, in function of the part to be produced, has a different and non-predictable weight without knowing the specifics of the part. Here are some common factors for your reference:   Material: aluminum (which alloy?), steel (which steel?), titanium, bronze, nickel etc  ...

Which Casting Method Is Used to Make Automotive Parts?

27 Feb , 2018     Views:  120

Which Casting Method Is Used to Make Automotive Parts?   Basically, there are two types of die casting methods are employed in automotive industry.   1. Gravity Die Casting:   Molten metal (Al alloy like LM6 grade) is poured into the die, molten metal occupies the cavity space within. If the part has to be hollow – then a sand core is also required, it will placed in the...

Why Chinese Molds are Attractive?

26 Feb , 2018     Views:  99

  China is well known as its manufacturing activity. The companies involved in plastic mold manufacturing are equipped with good facility and high advanced technology. The technology used in tool building and rapid injection molding is backed by teams of experienced engineers. The goods are manufactured fast and efficiently by contaminating these factors.   With...

The Reasons Why We Use Injection Molding

24 Feb , 2018     Views:  142

  It is fast. There is a reason why plastic injection molding is one of the most common technologies for extended production runs: it's fast. How fast? While the speed depends upon the complexity of the mold itself, generally only about 15 to 30 seconds pass between cycle times.   It is accurate. Plastic injection molding is such a precise method that it...

Why CNC Prototyping China for Verifying Your Design

23 Feb , 2018     Views:  99

  CNC prototyping is one of the methods by using computer numerical control machines to produce prototypes. Almost there is no human intervention in these machines that is why CNC prototyping is so fast and accurate. The design of your part is fed into the computer, through numerical control machines to cut the part as per your expected shape, size...

Rapid Injection Molding Prototype for Cutting down Cost

14 Feb , 2018     Views:  157

Rapid Injection Molding Prototype for Cutting down Cost   It is all about quantity for traditional injection molding, but when you just need several prototypes or low volume production parts, it is quite unsuitable for building a traditional production mold. Also, making a high-performance or multi-cavity steel mold is slow. Is there any way to quickly get injection molded parts at lower cost? Here, we...

5 Reasons for Choosing TEAM Rapid As Your Mold Maker in China

12 Feb , 2018     Views:  114

5 Reasons for Choosing TEAM Rapid As Your Mold Maker in China   Are you sourcing a China manufacturing company for producing your plastic injection molding part? TEAM Rapid is a professional China Mold Maker, we offers high quality parts products to North America and Europe for years. No matter several hundred or 100,000 +, we can help you with!   Benefits:   1.  Lower...

Rapid Prototyping Service Will Deliver Ideal Outcomes

11 Feb , 2018     Views:  99

Rapid Prototyping is a gathering of advances used to rapidly create a scale model of a physical part or get together utilizing configuration and 3D printing isn't another idea. Be that as it may, in the about four decades since its initiation, Rapid Prototyping has been refined to progress numerous enterprises, including created intelligent optics. Added substance...

Reasons to Consider CNC Prototyping

03 Feb , 2018     Views:  152

  CNC prototyping is one of the most effective methods to realize your design and produce the low volume production parts. Here, we would like to share the reasons for choosing CNC machining to build your rapid prototypes.   Prototypes by CNC machining when:   1. Complex geometry, CNC prototyping can make it fastest and less expensive....

Why Souring Plastic and Injection Molding Service In China?

01 Feb , 2018     Views:  133

Why Souring Plastic and Injection Molding Service In China?   Thanks to the lightweight, high plasticity, low production cost and diversified functions, plastics are widely used in the modern society. Its application covers many industries such as information, agriculture, energy, transportation, and industry. In the recent year, the Injection Mold Suppliers China has witnessed the rapid development of...

The Best China Rapid Prototyping Company

31 Jan , 2018     Views:  121

  Looking to make something fast? These are the China Rapid Prototyping Company for the job. Depending on your requirements, you can have a range of material selections for your products. Some such as ABS, Nylons, POM, Aluminum, Stainless Steel are common materials that can be used.   Prototyping is an important stage to verify your design and...

TEAM Rapid: Plastic Mold Manufacturer China

30 Jan , 2018     Views:  116

  If you are for a plastic mold manufacturer for molding your plastic parts, then sourcing molds in China is going to be the less expensive method. Building a mold in China seems a bit complexity at first, but actually it is quite easy if you work with a reliable manufacturer. You can benefit a lot by making your mold and products in China, here are some benefits:...

China Injection Molding Cost

29 Jan , 2018     Views:  152

  A mold can cost from less than 1 thousand to hundreds of thousands of US dollars. It depends on a lot of factors, the mold’s complexity, material, size and number of cavities. In addition, we also need to consider about the factors such as the injection type (cold runner or hot runner), geographic location of suppliers etc.   It is a common sense that the mold...

What Should I Look for When Sourcing A Injection Mold Maker

27 Jan , 2018     Views:  142

What Should I Look for When Sourcing A Injection Mold Maker in China   If you are planning for manufacturing your custom designed product, chances are that you need to source and select reliable Injection Mold Maker China. We are going to share our opinions for assisting you to verify the mold manufacturer in China. Here is the checking list:   1. How long they star their business? ...

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