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Prototype Manufacturing


Nowadays, prototypes are increasing used in different types of industries. A prototype is an early model of a product to show how the actual finished product looked like. Prototypes provide flexible design and an idea of aesthetics of the design. Prototypes also offer overall information about product material, cost and production technique.

Prototype Manufacturing

Prototypes can be made from different material and with a different appearance than intended finished parts. There are many categories of prototypes, One category is concept prototypes which test design without functionality. Concept prototypes test the material and product performance. This allow designer to make design modifications before running into mass production. This helps to save time and money. Visual prototypes show the look of the end products, they are not the functionality of the parts. Visual prototypes are usually used in marketing. Working prototypes offer functionality of the end product but without final appearance of the design. Working prototypes are to test the function of the end product. They provide opportunity to make design change to improve functionality. Functional prototypes have both appearance and functionality of the end product. Functional prototypes many be made with different techniques and materials than end products to save production cost. Functional prototypes allow obtain funding for production.

Prototypes offer many benefits. Prototypes allow to figuring out design issues and manufacturing problems. Early corrections could limit cost of waste and incorrect parts production. Prototypes help manufacturers to estimate production cost, manufacturing time, material and product requirements which help to create budget and calculate the final cost of the parts. Prototype Manufacturing helps to verify if the fit of the parts is correct which save time and money in reworking.

The benefits of prototypes are various. Prototypes can be used in almost any industries. At TEAM Rapid, we have more than 10 year experiences in prototype manufacturing. We have rich experiences of making variety prototypes. If you are searching Prototype Manufacturing China, no matter you want to identify production problems, improve design and functionality, estimate cost, our prototypes will help. Contact us at today. Your will find the one which suit your needs at TEAM Rapid.

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