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ChengGong Machinery Co., Ltd started revolution of the automatic wall plastering equipment and the related construction equipment from 2002. For nearly 16 years, ChengGong is devoting to upgrading and researching of the core technology and the modified equipment. The company also delivers all types of construction; innovations, which keep updating the new technology to release the manpower mainly in the construction industry. Besides, we are driving to provide the business solutions.


Thesuccess of ChengGong mainly depends on providing consistent and reliable products which can indeed replace the manpower with the perfect effect. For a long time, and even in most of the world, the wall plastering work are completely finished by manpower, it is a huge hard work, for a manpower, it can plaster around 50-80 square meters one day within 8 hours at most. With the machine, take the DaNiu 2.0 automatic wall plastering machine as an example, it can plaster 800-1000 square meters a day, almost 20 times efficiency than the manpower. ChengGong is always keeping on the generating and developing the new practical equipment to release the manpower from the hard construction work. We areaiming at really achieving the automatic mechanization of the construction industry, and always believe that themechanical cancompletely replace manpower in the constructional engineering.


No matter you are a private person or a contracting company with your own contracting company. No matter you want to use the machine in your own constructing projects or trade this machine, ChengGong is providing the suitable business solutions for you. WE are dedicated to follow our customers’requirements in marketing, training and after sells support. Our key objective is to contribute to the success of our customers and make there is no difficult in wall plastering.

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