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Some Common Processes to Produce Metal Parts


The metal parts typically costs higher than plastic parts. The deviation can be a little higher or a lot higher depends on the process used. Here are some processes to manufacture Metal Parts.

Pressure Die Casting


Sheet metal fabrication: depending on the mold’s structure, we can make sheet metal molds in quick and cheap way. Due to sheet metal has better strengthen and good flexibility than plastic, it is widely used in reality.


CNC machining: CNC machining is necessary and easy way to process the part with highly complex in shape. Due to it’s high accurate, CNC machining is always used in high accuracy and complex industry.


Pressure die casting: when you order medium or even high volume metal parts, the cost by CNC machining is extremely high. Then you can consider about Pressure Die Casting, making a die casting mold is expensive, but result in lower part cost. The more part you produce, the lower part price you may obtain.


The three processes above are common processes to create metal parts. TEAM Rapid offers all these 3 methods to help our customers to realize their design. For medium or large volume production, we usually suggest our customers to go ahead with pressure die casting. We are a Die Casting Company, and we offer competitive tooling cost as well as low part cost to help customers to meet their budget. Want to learn more about us? Contact our team at today!

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