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Overmolding – A Branch of Plastic Injection Molding

Combine multiple materials into one part with overmolding from plastic injection molding. Overmolding process for pilot runs, low-volume production, and bridge tooling. Overmolding lowers production cost by reducing the manufacturing steps. The process widely used in many different industries such as automotive and household appliances etc…


Rapid Prototyping: Start Your Project with Rapid Prototypes

Rapid Prototyping Services for every industry. TEAM Rapid cover your needs with advanced processing technologies to your perfect part.Mechanical engineering, & advanced manufacturing. Find out more! Presco has a proven track record of speedy product launches & successful startup exits. Medical Device Experts. Electronics Engineering. Lean Manufacturing…

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TEAM Rapid, as a leading CNC machining manufacturer, we have been providing CNC machining service for over 10 years. We focus on good working, high quality and small quantity order. Welcome any inquire about CNC machining projects, CNC custom parts, CNC turning parts, 3D print parts and more…

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What is Aluminum Die Casting?

Aluminum die casting is a manufacturing process which allows to produce complex aluminum parts with smooth and textured-surfaced accurately. In Aluminum die casing, ingots of aluminum are heated by high temperature until they are completely molten. The liquid aluminum is injected into the cavity of a steel die which is known as a mold by high…

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How to Control the Injection Molding Color?

Injection Molding Color is important as color for injection molded product could be a huge difference in the success of the product. For example, consumer products, different colors and appearances differentiate your products from the one next to them on the shelf. The right color of injection molded products can take a person from just looking to must have..

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Top 10 Materials for Plastic Injection Molding

The names of plastic injection molding material sound like terms from chemistry class. Choosing the correct injection molding materials means understanding application requirements, which change between prototyping and production. Not everyone has a PHD in chemistry to choose a right material. When it comes to choosing injection molding materials, we need to consider many factors. The first thing is to understand the names and abbreviations of material, the advantages and disadvantages of chosen material, and the applications and grades. The most widely used injection molding materials include PMMA, ABS, PA, PC, PE, POM, PP, PS, TPE and TPU. This article will explain each injection molding materials.