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Case Studies
TEAM Rapid delvieried lots of projects to our customers successfully.The following case studies demonstrate our capacities by using methods of Rapid Prototyping, rapid tooling, Injection Molding, Pressure Die Casting and CNC Machining to help our customers to lauch their products the market quickly.

Lounge Chair – Rapid Prototyping Services Case Study

The client VIPP is a famous industry design company since 1939 in Denmark. Their product development engineer Mikkel contacted us for a new project about lounge chair, they would like to start with Rapid Prototype first, and may need low volume manufacturing in the near future....

Electric Kettle Base - Rapid Tooling Services Case Study

A client from US came back with the completed version Electric Kettle Base, they want to get a small volume injection molded parts as soon as possible, PP material is preferred. TEAM Rapid had built a completed set of Electric Kettle prototype for them, we knew the design purposes and product’s application...

Gas Blower Housing - Aluminum Pressure Die Casting Services Case Study

The aluminum housing was designed to protect components inside.It expected with minimum vibrations during working, so tight tolerance is necessary, expecially for the critical dimensions which bears on parts proper assembly and working directly. Die casting mold design....

Air Conditioning Fan Cover - Injection Molding Services Case Study

The customer is a US company representitve base in China. They knew us through Google Search, we received the enquiry and quoted to them on the same day. They needed a quick turn around of sample parts for testing the market, TEAM Rapid recommend our Injection Molding Services to the customer, tooling...
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