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3D Print Service - Parts Delivered in Days

3D printing is the technology that allows you to print 3d objects from 3d design files. It’s like the regular 2d printing technology where you print a document file onto a piece of paper. The difference is that, with 3d print services, you can print a 3d object from a 3d design file you have on your computer. Also, you will need to use certain 3d printing materials instead of inks or toners. You can also use various software to create the design files for the 3d objects you want to print. TEAM Rapid offers 3d printing services, such as SLA and SLS, to meet your prototypes and rapid manufacturing needs.

Benefits of 3d Print Service

3d printing technology was first introduced in Japan in the 1980s, and it was a method of rapid prototyping using the early version of today’s SLA machine. During that time, there was no patent for this custom 3d-print service method. However, the inventor of this method, Hideo Kodama, got recognized as the first one who introduced 3d printing technology to the world. So, what are the benefits of a 3d printing service? Here are the benefits:

Benefits o 3d Printing

1. Design flexibility.

With the 3d print service, you can choose your design and print any object based on the method you have. You can customize or personalize your design as much as possible before starting the custom 3d-print service.

2. Prototyping and manufacturing by 3d print service.

3d print service is also helpful for the rapid prototyping and manufacturing process. Are you looking for a 3d printing service near me? It is easy for you to reach! Global manufacturers have been using 3d printing technology for years. It allows you to test any product design quickly before putting it into large-scale production.

3. 3d printing and scanning services for small components.

Buying a 3d printer or using a service can also help you print small components as samples before using these components in your product assembly process. You can print the variations of small parts as samples and choose the one that will work best for your products.

4. 3d print services are accessible and cost-effective.

Nowadays, 3d printers don’t just belong to massive manufacturing plants or large production places. Many Chinese companies can also get 3d printers and use them in rapid manufacturing projects. So, the custom 3d-print service is accessible to anyone, and it also becomes more and more affordable each year as the 3d printing technology is growing.

5. Printing-on-demand while saving production space.

You don’t need to have ample space to store 3d print products and 3d printers today, and you can reach 3d printing services near me easily and print any design whenever you need it. Please have a try with our cheap 3d printing service. Parts are delivered in days!

TEAM Rapid has specialized in 3d printing for years. We have been offering professional 3d printing services to our customers worldwide. From individuals to Fortune 500 companies, they are happy with our services. We provide 3d printing services for hobbyists too! Please email us at [email protected] to get the best online 3d printing services.

Aspects Involved in 3d Print Service

Various aspects of resin 3d printing service and metal 3d printing service will allow you to produce any 3d object. Here are the elements that make it work:

1. 3d printer.

A 3d printer is the primary equipment you will use in a 3d printing prototype service. It’s just like a regular paper printer you use at home, the only difference being that you can print 3d objects with it.

2. 3d printing materials.

You can use various 3d printing materials in custom 3d printing services, including plastic, powders, resins, metals, and many others. Each material will also have variations, such as polycarbonate (PC) and polylactic acid (PLA) for the plastic materials.

3. Design of the 3d object.

In 3d printed services, you will need to offer the design of the 3d object you want to print. The 3d printer will print the 3d object based on your design. Of course, the design file needs to be compatible and readable by the 3d printer.

4. 3d Format for Custom 3d Printing Services.

You can use diverse software to create the 3d design of the objects you want to print. The offered documents for industrial 3d printing services are preferred in STL, STEP, and IGS formats.

5. Slicing.

Slicing means slicing the 3d design into hundreds or thousands of layers that make it possible for the 3d printer to produce the 3d object based on the design. You will need to use the slicing software to run this process.


TEAM Rapid has put lots of equipment and staff into services for years; we aim to provide the best 3d printing service at a low cost. We are sure that our 3d printing service online can help you get the parts quickly. Contact us now!

Considerations of Using 3d Printing Technology


Throughout the years, there have been many improvements in the 3D printing technology we use today. Nowadays, you can find the right 3d printing as a service no matter the project you are trying to complete, whether it’s prototyping for manufacturing processes or creating prototype objects for your project. To get the best result, you need to use the 3D printing technology that fits best with your project requirements. Here TEAM Rapid shares the considerations of using 3D printing technology from manufacturing perspectives:


1. Know the pros and cons of each type of 3d printing.

Each 3D printing type will have its benefits and drawbacks. Not all of them will be suitable for your industrial or manufacturing needs. So, you should know the pros and cons of each type of 3D printing technology before using them.


2. Pick the right materials for 3d print service. 

To produce the best prototypes for your product, you must pick suitable materials. Also, it’s essential to remember that certain materials will only be relevant for certain 3D printing technologies. You need to choose the appropriate materials for the prototype printing you would like to do.


3. Use the easy-to-print 3d design.

The 3D design you are inputting to the 3D printing equipment will also make or break the prototype result you get. It’s best to make the design as simple as possible. You can add more complexities to your design using a compatible 3D printing method.


4. Keep it within your budget.

Each 3D printing online service will also require its budget ranges, even more so if you plan on producing prototypes from a wide range of materials. Be mindful of the budget you need to spend on the 3D printing process, as some 3D printing technologies require big budgets and expensive costs to use.


5. Know the geometry limitations of 3d print service.

There are also some limitations to the geometry included in your 3D design. Some 3D printing equipment can’t handle complex geometries in your 3D design, so you need to know about these geometry limitations before you delve into a specific 3D printing method in your manufacturing process.

Types of 3D Print Service at TEAM Rapid

SLA 3D Printing and SLS 3D Printing are the most popular 3D printing methods at TEAM Rapid. These methods directly use the product’s three-dimensional computer data to achieve a product prototype based on the principle of layer-by-layer stacking of discrete layers. It is a cheap 3d printing service but good quality. SLA 3d Printing service and SLS 3D Printing are two mature online 3d printing services. Besides these services, we also offer 3d print metal service.

1. Stereolithography

Stereolithography, or SLA, is the original 3D printing technology for manufacturing processes, which allows you to produce high-quality and detailed prototypes for your product. It also offers smoother surface finishes and tighter tolerances, which is helpful in the fitting phase of your product assembly process.

Advantages of SLA 3D Printing

SLA 3D Printing

1. Smooth surface leads to better quality.

2. High-precision prototyping with precision within 0.1mm.

3. Precise details and molding products with thin-walled structures can be produced with high precision and easy post-processing.

4. A short processing cycle usually takes only 1-2 days to complete.

5. Diversity resin is available for SLA 3D Printing, and Nylon 3D Printing is available at TEAM Rapid.

Defects of SLA 3D Printing

1. Limited alternative materials and types as it requires the use of photosensitive resin.

2. The processing material is relatively weak and cannot bear times of disassembling and screwing.

2. Selective Laser Sintering

Selective Laser Sintering, or SLS, uses lasers to melt nylon powders into plastic materials. With this 3D printing technology, you can create more durable plastic materials, although the resulting parts will have a rougher finish. It is the 3D printing type you can use to create rough prototypes for your products, and you can produce large volumes of plastic prototypes with this 3D printing method.

SLS 3D Printing

Advantages of SLS 3D Printing

1. Multiple materials with a high utilization rate and broad application scope can be used.

2. A short production cycle usually takes around three days to complete.

3. SLS 3D Printing part performs stronger.

Defects of SLS 3D Printing

1. Surface finish quality is relatively poor compared to SLA.

2. The precision is lower than SLA in producing small or high-precise products.

3. Multi Jet Fusion

Multi Jet Fusion or MJF 3D printing technology has a similar aspect as the SLS method, with the difference being that instead of using the laser to melt the nylon powders, the MJF process uses the inkjet array to do that. However, the resulting prototypes from this 3D printing process can provide you with a much better finishing than the SLS method. You can also use the MJF 3D printing type to produce prototypes at a lower production cost.

3d metal printing services4. Direct Metal Laser Sintering

Direct Metal Laser Sintering, or DMLS, is the currently most reliable 3D printing method and 3d metal printing services to produce metal prototypes, which you can apply for various manufacturing processes. 3d metal printing services use the laser sintering process to create the prototypes from the metal materials you put into the 3D printing equipment. You can create various types of hardware parts with DMLS technology. Also, it can produce complex geometries in your prototyping process, which makes it suitable for medical applications.

5. Electron Beam Melting

With Electron Beam Melting or EBM 3D printing technology, you can melt metal powders using the electron beam, which gets controlled by electromagnetic coils. It allows you to print your desired metal parts depending on the materials. You will need a specific temperature to perform the prototype building process using this 3d printing metal service.


Are you interested in a cheap 3d printing service? Please send us an email to get the 3d printing service cost now!

3d Print Service Across Industries

3d printing is a service that has been applied in various cases in different industries. TEAM Rapids has serviced customers from different industries, such as medical, automotive, manufacturing, architectural, archaeological, entertainment, etc., to build their parts successfully. Large-scale 3D printing service has been in constant use by most companies worldwide to help them develop new products. The development of 3d printing is quick in China. Here are some 3D printing services online cases at TEAM Rapid:

1. Movie props.

3d Printing Products

  It is common for the movie industry to use the large format 3d printing service to produce various movie props, such as weapons, helmets, accessories, and other items. Big hit movies have been using 3d-printed movie props for years.

2. Small hardware components.

You can also use the metal 3d printing services to create small hardware components for automotive, computer, aerospace, and other industries. Companies will print the small hardware components using the metal 3d print service for testing and prototyping their products before putting them into mass production.

3. Dental products.

In the medical industry, 3d printing helps produce various dental products, which can help patients fix various dental problems. With 3d printing technology, doctors can create dental products personalized and customized for each patient. The 3d printing service cost is affordable!

4. Ancient artifact replication.

In the archaeological industry, the best 3d printing service is also helpful in creating replicas of ancient artifacts. You can also use this technology and service to recreate various fossils and reconstruct them.

5. Consumer electronics.

3d printing is also common for the product assembly process of various consumer electronic products, such as smartphones, home appliances, computers, notebooks, and many others. The 3d printing service price is affordable, and multiple components need to get 3d-printed for the prototyping and product assembly.

Our 3d Printing Online Services and Capabilities 

TEAM Rapid always offers our customers the best and cheapest 3d printing service to achieve premium quality prototypes in the shortest lead time possible. Our 3D printing capability includes the following:

our 3d printing capabilities

Rapid Printing

13.3mm per hour, enabling to build of large volumes of parts quickly, accurately consistently. Printed at 100μm, over 95% of scanned data within +/-μm.

Largest LCD 3D Printer -Large 3d Printing Services Available

With a large platform, our sizeable 3d printing services can build a volume of38.9 x28 x20.8”. A wide variety of parts can be quickly produced.

Diversity Materials

Generally, printing resin is commonly used in our projects. Clear Resin and Nylon are available at TEAM Rapid.

Cost Competition

Complemented by our range of high-performance resins, TEAM Rapid delivers an unbeatable value proposition.

TEAM Rapid has helped shape various companies in different industries, including medical, consumer electronics, film, archaeology, and numerous others. We help companies and individuals produce and manufacture their products at a much faster rate today. Want to learn more about our online 3d printing service? Contact our team at [email protected] today.

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