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- 1 to 500+ Parts in Plastic and Metal
- CNC Milling, Turning, Wire Erosion, EDM
- Polishing, Anodizing, Painting, Plating…
- Tight Tolerance down to 0.01mm

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Why CNC Machining Services at TEAM Rapid

Professional technology engineering team equips with a series of high precision CNC machines to support your machining needs
We have a professional quality control department and strict QC system with general standard tolerance grade IT12, 100% inspection before shipment.
Good Price
We provide CNC Prototyping China, low-volume manufacturing and mass production CNC parts with the most competitive price.
We provide OEM & ODMCNC Machining Services to customers.
Goold sales engineering team provides best pre-sale and post-sale service within 12 hours. We take full responsibility for all our parts. If the part damaged during transportation or any unexpected situation causes the customer to be dissatisfied with the part, we will remake new parts and ensure that it is safely delivered to the customer.
Business Line
Being in Precision CNC Machining field over than 10 years, our stable and reliable supplier chain alloys you to get expected machining materials and post finish quickly and selectively.

CNC Milling Service


CNC Milling ServiceWe offer 3,4 and 5-aixsPrecisionCNC Machining capabilities with tight tolerance down to 0.01mm.

1. 3-axis CNC mills: 3 axis can cut individual features during operations, it is capable of creating the same products as 4 axis and 5 axis machines, but the 3 axis machines cannot deliver the same level of detail or efficiency as its predecessors.

2. 4-axis CNC mills: 4 axis is a multi-use CNC tool functioning at a slightly higher competency than the 3 axis, it has the ability to operate on wood, foam, composite board, aluminum alloy, and even PCB!

3. 5-axis CNC mills: 5 axis CNC is capable of cutting the most complex and tedious designs, it can operate much faster than 3 axis and 4 axis CNC machines and provide vertical milling in high precision and quality available.

CNC Milled PartCNC Milling ServiceCNC Aluminum PartCNC Milling MachiningCNC Milling

CNC Turning Service


CNC Turning Service1. We can accurately make turning parts with complex internal features like spherical cavities, deep grooves etc.

2. Multi-function CNC turning, multi-part CNC turning, swiss-type CNC turning are available at TEAM Rapid.

3. Fast delivery especially for the low volume manufacturing to mass production.

Looking for precision CNC Machining Services? Contact our team at [email protected] to get a competitive quote now!

CNC Aluminum Part TurningCNC TurningCNC Turning MachiningCNC Turning PartCNC Turns

Diversity Engineering-Grade CNC Materials Available at TEAM Rapid

We store more than 50 engineering-grade metals and plastics that are suitable for various part applications and industries. Contact our engineering team to get suggestions.

Available CNC Materials

An Extensive Selection of Post-Finishes at TEAM Rapid

TEAM Rapid proudly offers an extensive selection of professional post-finishes to supplement our manufacturing processes, giving you everything you need for a standout prototype or market-ready product. Here are some post-finish options for some plastics and metals. 

Aluminum Stainless Steel Steel Plastic Brass
Clear Anodized Polishing Zinc Plating Plating Gold Plating
Color Anodized Passivating Nickel Plating Painting Electroplating
Sandblast Anodized Sandblasting  Chrome Plating Polishing
Chemical Film Laser Printing Oxide Black Sand Blasting
Carburized Laser Printing
Heat Treatment Silk Printing

Powder Coated

Powder Coated

Laser Printing

Silk Printing

 Precision CNC Machining Process AT TEAM Rapid

Our dedicated project managers will keep you post of every detail of your ongoing projects through photos, videos and reports, we guarantee you know the project status clearly. Contact us at [email protected] for a new project.

CNC Production Process

Start From CNC Prototyping to Mass Production

TEAM Rapid offers one-stop CNC Machining Services, we understand the value of accurate prototyping, we love low volume CNC machining, and we are capable to process mass production! For your every project, our engineer will discuss with you on each part and will seek to offer the highest degree of accuracy possible, we are always glad to support you to launch your products to market successfully. Upload you drawings for a new project.

Programming   CNC Prototyping   Low Volume Production   Mass Production

            Programming                                      CNC Prototyping                          Low Volume Manufacturing                        Mass Production                                                                                                        

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What Our Customers Say

  • The parts arrived 1 hour ago (1 day before the FedEx due date! That was already a surprise). The parts are great and to your usual high standard. 

    Thanks a lot for getting this job done for me so quickly, and that you have exceeded your promise!!!

    ---Tapani.Kivela, Mechanical Engineer
  • "Thanks! My customer was impressed of your milled parts. Also the customer of the PP part (1223166-003 Matrix Rev PA 4) they worked really good."
    ---David Vanas, CEO
  • "These samples look great and I think that we've played it perfectly safe on the knob dimensions. I'm ready to move forward with production."
    ---Eric F, Lead Designer
  • "Good evening Eric. Please find attached the MNDA fully executed. Really great working with you guys once more. Take care and all the best,"

    ---Charles Garneau, Project Manager
  • "What I really liked about your company was the engineering interface. Your power point design via email had so many opportunities so I was able to make the smallest changes to the design and the improvements were executed exactly as I desired. I never had that level of control before. Your prices were also very attractive."
    ---Bar Uzi, Operations Manager
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