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Aluminum Die Casting
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Aluminum Die Casting
Aluminum Die Casting for your low volume manufacturing needs.

Aluminum Die Casting - Leading Aluminum Die Casting Manufacturer

A most significant benefit of aluminum die casting is that it creates lighter parts with more surface finishing options than other die casting alloys. Aluminum can retain high dimensional stability with thin walls, it is versatile, corrosion resistant, furthermore, aluminum can also withstand the highest operating temperatures of all the die cast alloys, it can be used in almost any industry. TEAM Rapid has decades of experience in producing various types of aluminum die casing parts including Aluminum Housing & Cover; Aluminum Brackets & Plate; Aluminum Heat Sinks; Aluminum Valve Body; Aluminum Gearbox Housing etc.

Aluminum Die Casting Parts

Aluminum Die Casting Alloys at TEAM Rapid

At TEAM Rapid, aluminum die casting is one of our core services. Our aluminum die casting parts covers a wide range of industries, we made a series of motor housing, exhaust fan, aluminum enclosure, washing machine handle, camera housing, led housing etc. in the past 10 years.  ADC12, A380 are the most popular aluminum die casting alloys at TEAM Rapid.

Stored Aluminum Die Casting AlloysAluminum Die Casting Alloys - ADC12

ADC12 (Al-Si-Cu-based cast aluminum alloys) have good castability and high mechanical properties, so these alloys are commonly used for complicated shapes automotive parts such as transmission cases, cylinder blocks, and converter housings etc. It is also one of the most widely used choice of metal for many die-casings produced internationally.

Aluminum Die Casting Alloys - A380

A380 is one of the most commonly used die casting aluminum alloys. Benefits from its’ good performance, A380 is widely used in many applications.

It has the best combination of mechanical, casting and thermal properties.

It has pressure tightness, excellent fluidity, and resistance to hot cracking.

It is widely used in variety of products including engine brackets, chassis for electronic equipment, household furniture, gearbox cases, and hand tools etc.

Aluminum Die Casting Process at TEAM Rapid

Die Casting is a highly efficient and economical process to produce aluminum metal parts. We can have the aluminum parts in a broader range of shapes and undercuts by this excellent manufacturing technique.


Steel Mold for Aluminum Die Casting

Aluminum die casting process requires a steel mold first. We also call these reusable steel molds as dies, it can be designed to produce complex shapes and geometries with a high degree of accuracy and repeatability. The mold lifetime can range from 10,000 to 100,000+ shorts mainly depending on the steel for tooling.


Aluminum Die Casting Process

The dies are mounted into a die casting machine, then the molten aluminum is injected into the dies under high pressure. Once the molten aluminum has solidified, the mold is opened, and the casting is removed from the die. The mold is then closed, and the process starts over. The cycle time for aluminum die casting process is varieties depends on the part weight, size. Typically, the bigger part the longer cycle time.

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Aluminum Die Casting

Aluminum Die Cast Manufacturer

TEAM Rapid is a aluminum die casting manufacturer in China. We offer excellent aluminum die casting services to meet your project developments. From hundreds of prototypes to thousands of production parts, we have solutions both on tooling and casting for our customers. Being in the field of aluminum die casting for over decades, we serve lots of customers from different industries all over the world. Nearly 99% customers are happy with our services and quality, also, they are satisfied with our prices. 

High Mix Low Volume Supply Chain Aluminum Die Casting Parts

1. TEAM Rapid offers turnkey solution integrating prototyping, tooling, die casting, machining, surface finish, and assembly to our customer, even for the low volume aluminum die casting.

2. TEAM Rapid provides wide range of aluminum material to meet your low volume manufacturing needs.

3. TEAM Rapid follows with strict quality control even for your low volume production parts.

4. TEAM Rapid offers a series of secondary finish options for your product needs.

5. TEAM Rapid is near HK, your aluminum die casting parts can be exported easily and quickly via HK port.

Aluminum Die Casting

Aluminum Pulley Wheel Die Casting Case

Inquiry from Customer

Hi, I attached a STEP file and a drawing (with notes, part to be as cast, no machining).

Please quote as follows:

1) Material: Aluminum (Standard Cast Grade) and/or Steel (Standard)
2) Quote per your MIN Qty order...or... as 500 parts yearly.
3) What's the time frame for Prototype & Production?

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Aluminum Die Casting Pulleys

Customer Feedback

Thank you Jason, we received these parts successfully this morning.

It's amazing to look at the molds taking shape through your updates -- some of these parts are complex, but I like that way you guys make them look easy! Thanks again for helping us meet our aggressive schedule! The part works excellent!


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