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Silicone Rubber Molding
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Silicone Rubber Molding
Producing your silicone rubber parts by silicone rubber moulding process.

Silicone Rubber Molding - We Handle All Quantities

TEAM Rapid offers rubber injection molding, compression molding, liquid silicone rubber molding to meet your specific projects.

Rubber Injection Molding 

Rubber injection MoldingRubber injection molding is a branch of injection molding. Rubber is the major injection molding material for this process. The commonly used rubbers include TPE, TPU, TPV, TPR etc, which can in different brand and hardness depends on your project requirements. The tooling methods for rubber injection molding are generally same as traditional injection mold tooling. The only different is the material -- rubber, which is soft plastic. The tooling structure can be simplified, and even with no ejection system. For low-volume rubber injection molding, we usually release the undercuts by manual insert, this can deeply simplify the parting lines and ejection system.  The key point is on how to set the parting lines skillfully to reduce flashes on rubber molded parts.

FAQ about Rubber Injection Molding

1. Rubber injection molding why temperature important?

Injection molding rubber is sensitive to the temperature. Generally speaking, the increased molding temperature usually reduce the condensation of plastic, which making the molten materials flow and fill the cavities easily, and resulting the rubber injection molded parts in better quality surface and greater part weight. In the other hand, increasing too much mold temperature may lead to injection rubber modified and decrease tensile strength of the rubber molded parts. For injection molding, TEAM Rapid strictly follows with the material data sheet to mold the rubber parts, we know the importance of mold temperatures.

2. How to do rubber injection molding?

As mentioned above, rubber injection molding is one kind of injection molding. Firstly, we need to build a mold. Secondly, we process the injection molding process. The cycle of rubber injection molding is generally the same as traditional plastic injection molding, which includes mold closed, injection, cooling, plasticizing the resin, ejection, removing the gate and package etc. For more details, or you have projects need rubber injection molding, please feel free to contact us.

Compression Molding 

Compression Molding Parts

Compression molding is a molding process which places a rubber/silicone(solid) onto an open, heated mold cavity, then close and compress in order to have the material fully contact all areas of the mold to form the shape of cavity. The compression molding process is similar to injection molding, but it is different on the injection process. 

Compression Molding Materials

Thermoplastic materials are used commonly in compression molding. At TEAM Rapid, we offers a series of molding materials includes:

- Silicone 





High-density Polyethylene(HDPE) 

FAQ about Compression Molding

What is Compression Molding?

You can take the picture below about our compression molding process, the major molding steps are:

A: Build a mold. The mold is usually a two-plated-mold, the structure is closed and open, and might involve insert structure.

B: Place the molding material(mixed with curing agent) into the heated and open cavity.

C: Close the mold, compress the material fully contact all areas of the mold cavity.

D: Heating the mold to a certain temperature to make molding rubber cured.

E: Take out the molding then remove the overflows and package.

Compression Molding

Liquid Silicone Rubber Molding 

Liquid Silicone Rubber MoldingWhen you are looking for silicone rubber parts in high precision, LSR molding is the best solution for you! LSR parts are used widely in a range of different industries. Their good properties such as steam resistant, low compression set, conductivity, oil and heat resistant etc allows it to have excellent performances in working as gasket, keyboard, touch pad, long-term durability components etc.

Rubber injection molding, compression molding, liquid silicone rubber molding, which one is the best solution for your project? Contact our team at to learn more, our experienced sales engineers will support you to choose the best solution to make high quality silicone rubber parts at low cost.

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