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Clear Plastic Molding
Clear Injection Molding of transparent, clear workpiece at TEAM Rapid

Clear Plastic Injection Molding Applications

From a small clear cup to a clear lamp cover or even parts used in helicopter, we can find Clear Plastic Injection Molding parts easily in our life. Clear Plastic Molding is used widely in all walks of life. TEAM Rapid helped lots of customer to make their clear plastic parts sucefully in the past 10 years. We have made different Clear Plastic Injection Molding parts such light pipe, lamp cover, clear plastic cup, Lenz cover, panel cover etc, and receives lots of positive feedbacks.

Light Pipe Plastic Molding Lamp Cover Plastic Molding Lenz Plastic Molding Clear Plastic Cup

Clear Moulding at TEAM Rapid

TEAM Rapid offers high quaility & cost effective custom Clear Moulding service. We will give important on both injection mold making and plastic parts molding.

1. Use the right steel for clear plastic part mould building. 

NAK80, S136, S136H are the most universal steels used for cavity and core at TEAM Rapid. For low-volume clear plastic molded parts such as Clear Plastic Molding Covers, we usually suggest our customer to used NAK 80 or S136H for the mold, it is good to have 50,000 + short clear plastic parts even if without heat treatment. For the large volume demands, the advantage of heat treated S136 is over NAK80 and S136H, it is more durable.

2. Use the right injection molding material for your Clear Plastic Molding

At TEAM Rapid, we offer a series of clear plastic such as ABS; PMMA; PC; PS etc for your injection molded parts. Material is one of critical factors that affects on your final product's function and performances. Take a mirror finish lens for example, PC / PMMA should be the first choice, as these 2 materials have great properties on finish and transmittance, if you switch the material to clear PP, the performance will be totally different. Taking full considerations about the material before tooling and Clear Plastic Molding is important! You are able to get your most expected certificated clear plastic at TEAM Rapid, contact with our engineering team at to select right material for your project now!

3. Finishes available for your clear plastic molded parts. 

TEAM Rapid follows SPI standard, we have made wide ranges of clear plastic parts such as clear plastic molding covers, Clear Plastic Corner Molding in SPI-A2, SPI-A3 finishes. SPI finish & texture/sand blasting finish are applied most popularly. Also, depending on the part's requirement such as light pipe, we can according to the needs of customer to adds scale of light disffusing agent, it will help the light pipe to be more suitable for use.

4. Use the right size injection machine to mold your clear parts. 

It is unreasonable to mold your small Clear Plastic Molding Covers by a large-capacity injection machine. This will highly raise the risky of injection defects such as silver streak, air bubble, surface gloss defects, flow marks etc,and may leads to problem on your final product's performance. At TEAM Rapid, we equipped with a series of injection machines ranges from 50 ton to 500 ton, we take care of parts' quality by every detail starts from part's structure optimization, mold design, tool building to choose the right size injection molding machine and apply with the best injection molding parameters.

Ready to start your next Clear Moulding project? Contact us to get the solution now.

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