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Sheet Metal Parts

Sheet Metal Fabrication

Sheet metal has the characteristics of lightweight, high strength, electrically conducivelow cost,

and a good performance from the large scale mass production. With the increasingly wide

application of sheet metal, sheet metal design has become a very important part of the product

development process. Reasonable design shall not only meet the requirements of product’s

features and application, but also make the stamping die manufacturing simple and the help to

lower costs. At TEAM Rapid, we offer professional sheet metal part fabrication service, we can

help you to get your part at low cost!

Process for Sheet Metal Fabrication

Many processes are available in our end to help build your part rapidly. Stamping, punching, and laser cutting are commonly used in sheet metal parts to produce what you need at a low cost without compromising quality.

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Part Materials

Stainless steel, aluminum and brass are popular materials, you can select the sheet metal based on mechanics and function.

Post Finish

We offer a series of post finishing service for sheet metal parts. 

The finish includes painting, electroplating, printing, powder coating, anodizing, sand blasting, E-coating, polishing, and passivation.

 We also love small batch production. Contact us! to learn more.

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