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Rapid Prototype Machining Services

22 Sep , 2020     Views:  31

  TEAM rapid provide rapid prototype CNC machining services to customers around the world. We assure superior quality, high precision, and rapid turnaround times. Rapid Prototype CNC Machining Services are used for customized parts in small volume.   At TEAM rapid, we use quick turn CNC milling process to create custom prototypes and end use products. We use...

Die Casting

21 Sep , 2020     Views:  43

is one of the main metals casting working process. It is done by forcing molten metal into a die cavity though high pressure. mold material is harden tool steel. Die casting molds allow manufacturer to build high accurate and repeatable parts. Die casting allow to produce perfect details like textured surfaces without further processing. In our daily life, we can see a lot of products...

CNC Prototyping

19 Sep , 2020     Views:  57

  To churn out high volume of high-quality parts, we need to be able to make sure the parts we manufactured are standardized in terms of size, shape, dimension and quality. The first step in mass production of going is prototyping. To move mass production to be effective, the parts must be produced quickly. One of the most common methods of prototyping is . ...

Injection Mold Maker

18 Sep , 2020     Views:  55

  At TEAM Rapid, our injection mold making process focused on getting maximum efficiency in mold design, analysis, production, trial and injection molding production execution which let us to turn 3D part data into high quality injection molded parts in low and large volumes.   As a leading , TEAM Rapid has over 10 years’ experience in designing, producing and...

Rapid Tooling Additive Manufacturing

17 Sep , 2020     Views:  95

  Rapid prototyping is a technique to fabricate physical parts quickly by using CAD data. Part construction is normally done by using 3D printing or additive manufacturing technology. Rapid prototyping is used to build 3D of a part or product. It can be used to test the efficiency and product design before running into mass production. Prototypes are often built with additive...

Rapid CNC Service

16 Sep , 2020     Views:  117

  Rapid CNC machining is a quick and cost effective method to produce prototypes. It is a popular method when it comes to product development and design. If you have limited molding, it is also a common method to make volume manufacturing for some parts.   Most of CNC material is plastic and metal. It has a wide range of materials. For example, ABS, PC, POM, PVC,PEI, PEEK, aluminum...

High Pressure Die Casting Process

15 Sep , 2020     Views:  82

  Products are getting more and more complicated, there is a tread that client request to produce parts closer to the market there they are sold. This article is giving a detailed overview of high-pressure die casting process which could produce complicated shapes in high-strength metal. High-pressure die casting is an automated process which produces complicated shape parts...

Prototype Mold

14 Sep , 2020     Views:  58

As plastic injection molding is a high costs and a long process, so understanding when to use this method is very important. If you want rapid prototype and low to medium volume production, it is benefit from rapid plastic injection molding tool. Injection molding is adapted to special simplification. With the help of s, you could manufacture qualitative parts which is same the end products in...

CNC Machining Prototype

12 Sep , 2020     Views:  72

  3D printing and additive manufacturing is the ways for rapid prototyping. Rapid prototyping is the fabrication of parts and prototypes in a quick and cost effective way. The parts are use to verify and test the design before going to the next step of product development process or mass production.   When comes to rapid prototyping, 3D is attractive as lower prices and...

High Pressure Aluminum Die Casting

11 Sep , 2020     Views:  77

High pressure die casting process is one kind of process that metals are molted with pressure to get the desired shapes, sizes and thickness. Compared to plastic mold, it is cheaper and lighter compared to parts which are die cast. is done with a hot chamber process. Aluminum die casting is a non expendable technique of...

Quotes of China Rapid Prototyping from Greece

10 Sep , 2020     Views:  33

TEAM Rapid was established in Hong Kong, the factory is located in Zhongshan China, only 2 hours from Hong Kong. We are a company specialize in rapid prototyping, CNC Prototyping, Rapid Injection Molding, and other low volume manufacturing needs. Our 20,000 square feet facilities provide a workplace for over 40 employees that includes 2 independent factories of Rapid...

Rapid Tooling Process

10 Sep , 2020     Views:  61

  If you are looking for ways to place your fantastic products to market quicker than your competitors, you come to the right place. Rapid prototyping to manufacture parts will help you. As the development of technology, is available to product design teams. Rapid tooling is known by prototype tooling, prototype tooling and mold. It helps you to get...

Rapid Prototype Tooling

09 Sep , 2020     Views:  86

  is quick turnaround and cost-effective tooling that could produce parts in a very short time and meet part specification of design in precision and quality. With the increase of the market demand, prototype tooling is becoming popular in product development and prototype creating, Compared to the tradition tooling, prototype tooling is faster and lower cost. It offers...

Rapid Tooling and Rapid Manufacturing

08 Sep , 2020     Views:  81

  With the help of prototypes, people could save much time and money during product design process. By producing prototypes, more designs and tests could be conducted in a short period of time. And people could identify potential manufacturing problems caused by design in product design process. So, building prototypes does not only speed up the whole design process, but also...

Production and Prototype Tooling

07 Sep , 2020     Views:  98

  This article is going to share with you about the difference between .   Testing is normally a key point during product development. In some cases, engineers may need to present representative materials, processes and how a new part will be before top management approves the investment. Manufacturers usually use different method to execute...

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