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CNC Turning Machining
TEAM Rapid Offers CNC Turning Service to customize your own parts.

CNC Turning - Commercial Parts on Demand

CNC turning is a manufacturing process that use a cutter feed to a bar of material held in a high-speed rotated chuck to remove material to create the desired shape. It is also a "subtraction machining“ process, as it involves material removal. A turret (shown center), with tooling attached is programmed to move material from the bar follows with the program's setting. If the CNC turning center has both turning and milling capabilities, the rotation can be stopped priority to mill out the shape first.  With the CNC system configurations, you can determine the design requirements for each CNC turning machining operation, allowing you to produce prototypes, parts, or components that meet with your design standards.

TEAM Rapid has offered CNC turning services for years. We bring our rich machining experience in combination with assorted machines to provide the best solution to our customer, no matter if it is only 1 or 10,000+ parts, we can create them fast and in a cost-effective manner by CNC turning process. 

  Stainless Steel Turning Part    Brass Turning Part    Aluminum Turning Part    POM Turning Part    ABS Turning Part

            Stainless Steel Part                                    Brass Part                                      Aluminum Part                                       POM Part                                           ABS Part

How CNC Turning Works

Turning machining is a manufacturing process that uses the turning and rotating operations in its production cycles. For this process to work, first you will need to supply the design requirements or data to the CNC turning console before you can operate it. Then, you will need to prepare the materials as holding bars and feed it to the chuck on the CNC equipment. Once you are done, you will need to start the console, and the console will produce the parts according to your design requirements.


The CNC equipment will rotate the chuck containing the holding bars of materials, and by using some cutting tools, the machine will cut the bars of materials to achieve the shape as specified in the design requirements. The cutting process will go through step by step, as the CNC machine rotates the chuck. Then, after some time, you will get your parts ready to use, as the CNC turning center completes the machining process.


Now, you can pull out the prototypes or parts from the CNC turning machine process and use it further in your production cycles.

Precision CNC Turning Techniques at TEAM Rapid

CNC turning center is versatile and can produce round or cylindrical parts. They can work in a variety of processes and can be easily adapted to different material types. There are different methods can be utilized to create various types of CNC turned parts. These methods can be created for different end-uses includes multi-function turning, multi-part turning, swiss-type turning etc.:


CNC Turning Machining

Multi-function Turning Machining

As one of the best CNC turning components manufactures, CNC lathes are capable of high-speed milling and turning at TEAM Rapid, which are available to handle the complexity of machining model easily during the CNC machining process.


Multi-part Turning Machining

Advanced CNC turning and milling capabilities allow specialty lathes to turn multiple parts simultaneously. A key feature is the flexibility around the path and axis to enable synergy in the part movement.


Swiss-type Turning Machining

This type of turning technique is ideal for the rapid manufacturing of small, medium size, high-precision components and parts. Swiss equipment and parts are commonly made to serve the medical and dental industries. They are capable of making multiple parts within the same manufacturing cycle.

The Benefits of CNC Turning

In manufacturing, CNC turning machine process has become one of the most preferred methods to create CNC turning parts, and components from various material types, such as metals, plastics, and woods. It also has a unique machining process, and because of this unique process, it can offer various benefits for your overall production cycles.


● Improved Production Efficiency.

CNC machining turning can help create CNC turning parts according to your design requirements with little or no mistakes. The computerized process will ensure each production will go according to the design requirements, which will help increase your production efficiency in a big way.


● Faster Production Speed.

When compared to the traditional prototyping methods, CNC turning services offer you a faster production speed, allowing you to produce parts in large volumes. It’s also easy to set up by CNC turned before you can let it operate.


● Safer Operations.

CNC milling and turning is a manufacturing process that is healthy for the environment, and you don’t need to worry about damaging the environment by using this process. The CNC machining turning equipment is quiet and safe to operate, and your prototype materials will get handled in the best way, while the material wastes can get recycled for the next production cycles.


● Cost-saving.

With little or no mistakes to make, materials compatibility, waste recycling, and fast production speed, CNC turning service can ensure the cost-effectiveness of your production operations.


● Higher Precision.

The computerized process in CNC turning service makes it easier for you to create prototypes, parts, and components that have higher precision and accuracy. It means better quality for your overall production results, which can also improve the quality of products you are building or assembling. 

Are you looking for CNC turning components manufacturers? Contact us for CNC turning online quote and get your parts in days.

Machining Materials of CNC Turning Service at TEAM Rapid

Bar Materials

In manufacturing, metals are the most common materials used in machining. The metals you can use for the CNC turning process to produce aluminum CNC turning parts, or other components that in aluminum, low carbon steel, brass, steel alloy, titanium, and stainless steel. However, sometimes, plastics and woods are also suitable CNC turning materials you can use.


The CNC milling turning service offers the flexibility for the manufacturers to use the variety of materials for their prototyping and production needs. Also, with the metal materials, you can also add various surface finish options to polish each metal part you produce. The most common surface finish options include the sharp-edge finishing, the broken-edge finishing, and bead blast.

Different types of lathes are needed to turn metal/plastic and wood. Many maintenance and safety precautions are required for the operation of a lathe. These include the use of certain materials and equipment. Here are some commonly used materials for CNC milling turning service at TEAM Rapid:

- Metals: aluminum, magnesium, brass, steel, stainless steel, bronze, copper, titanium, nickel alloy, etc.

- Plastics: nylon, polycarbonate, POM, ABS, etc.

- Bar materials in metals and plastics of diversity dimensions.

Have questions about the material selection and machining ability? Contact us for the questions and get a free CNC turning online quote today!

CNC Turning Applications

With its precision machining process, turning process has become one of the most preferred methods for manufacturers to create CNC turning machine parts, and components with precise engineering. The precision and accuracy provided by turning is the best in its class, which is the reason big manufacturing industries use this process in their production cycles.


● Automotive.

The process is a suitable manufacturing process for producing various automotive parts that require the best precision. Gears, engines, and other vehicle parts such as brass CNC turned parts are use the turning process to produce, ensuring that they can work with other parts in the best way.


● Aerospace.

You can also find various parts of SpaceX rockets made with by turning process. The reason is that rocket parts require precise engineering, and CNC turning is the process that can deliver such an engineering precision.


● Electronics.

Small electronics components you can find in various electronic products, such as smartphones, laptops, game consoles, and many others, use the aluminum CNC turning method to produce them. Again, precision is the key, and the turning process can provide the precision needed for these electronic products.


● Toys.

Manufacturers can also use the process to produce various toys and toy models, such as die cast toy cars, merchandise, puzzles, and many others.


● Furniture.

Knocked-down furniture also uses CNC turning to produce them, which is to ensure that each part can work with other parts with no problem. 

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As a professional CNC turned parts suppliers, TEAM Rapid offer the best CNC turned parts in metals and plastics. Our general tolerance is ISO DIN 2768f for metal parts and 2768m for plastic ones. A wide range of post finishes can be applied to your CNC turning part including painting, printing, polishing, sandblasting, anodizing, plating, passivation, etching, et cetera. Contact our team today to have a CNC turning online quote.

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