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Quality is the Life of TEAM Rapid

We focus on every detail. Good quality is the foundation that we depend on for survival.

Our QC team has a wealth of experience in quality control, we guarentee that each part can be fully inspected before shipping.

Our inspection points include:

FQC: The ultimate quality control; test the quality of products after all the processes have been completed.

IQC: Material quality control; it confirms the quality of the procurement of materials.

IPQC: Quality control of the process from the production to packaging.

OQC: Quality control of the shipment and works as a comprehensive check to confirm quality and ensure that customers receive consistent content that has been agreed upon.

QE: Seeks to test, control and improve the process to improve product quality from the quality control of the sample to production.

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Are you looking for a reliable supplier from China? A qualified supplier who can offer not only mass production, but also rapid prototyping and low volume manufacturing? TEAM Rapid starts in 2017, we serve lots of customers such as Google, Tesla, University of Oxford etc to launch their projects successfully in these years. 

If you have any question or need any engineering supports, please feel free to contact us. TEAM Rapid aims to provide a best solution to our customers. 

  • Pro Service Team
    Pro Service Team
    Our professional service team are ready to answer any question from customers 24/7/365
  • Expert Engineers
    Expert Engineers
    The founder and the engineers have at least 10 year experiences in rapid manufacturing industry
  • Top Quality Guarantee
    Top Quality Guarantee
    All our parts have been full inspection before shipment. Quality is our life.
  • Powerful Production Ability
    Powerful Production Ability

    TEAM Rapid invests a series of precise machines to meet your any volume production needs. Always a timely report.

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