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CNC Prototyping Service
CNC Prototyping Service for your rapid prototypes in metal and plastic.

CNC Prototyping Service China

TEAM Rapid loves rapid prototypes and low volume manufacturing, we invest a series of advanced 3-axis, 4-axis and 5-axis CNC machines specialize using in rapid prototypes machining. We understand timing is the same important as quality, for the commonly cnc prototypes parts, we can ship as little as 3 calendar days.

Why Making CNC Prototypes at TEAM Rapid

1. Speed - We build your rapid prototypes in days!

2. Quality - We follows with ISO standards and guarantee your prototypes in good quality!

3. Services - One-stop services from CNC prototype to mass CNC machining productions, we help you to launch the market with minimum risk.

4. Materials and Finishes - Most of metals and plastics are available for CNC prototyping, customers can get real materials in expected finishes for their prototypes.

5. Low Shipping Cost - TEAM Rapid works closely with express companies such as Fedex, DHL, freight forwarded etc, we can offer low shipping costs by air, by land and by sea, which can help you to reduce prototyping investments.

How to Handle with Undercuts by CNC Prototyping

1. For a part without undercuts or the undercuts can be machined by custom tool, we usually do the machining in one material block without splitting metals or plastic. The CNC prototyping parts made in this way can have a good strength, and can work well under pressure without damage.

2. For a part with unavoidable undercuts, which can't be machined directly, we will suggest the customer to split the part in several components, then glue or weld these components together after machining. This method is suitable for rapid prototypes and small run production parts that has low demanded numbers, also, the strength and durable of these CNC prototyping parts are week, the parts might fall apart when under pressure. This CNC prototyping method is usually for proof of concept, visual presentation and engineering verification, which is not good for functional test works under pressure.

3. For large CNC prototyping parts, in order to cut down the costs, some customers request the way of split and glue/weld. Plastic part split and glue, metal part split and weld.

TEAM Rapid serves lots of customers from many industries such as medical, energy, industrial, automotive, robotic etc by CNC prototyping, we receive lots of positive feedbacks from our happy customers. Are you ready to kick off your project today? Contact our team at today to get a free quote.

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