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Team Rapid offers best solution to meet all your rapid prototype and low volume manufacturing needs. We locate in China and provide a series of fast services including Rapid Prototyping, Volume CNC Machining, Rapid Tooling, Rapid Plastic Injection Molding, Pressure Die Casting and Sheet Metal Work. Our mission is to provide excellent quality parts at competitive price to our customers.
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  • Rapid Prototyping

    - Rapid CNC Prototype

    - Vacuum Casting Service

    - 3D Printing Service(SLA&SLS)

    - Typically Lead Time: 2-8 Days

  • Precision CNC Machining

    - CNC Milling, Turning, Wire Erosion, EDM

    - Polishing, Anodizing, Painting, Plating…

    - 1 to 500+ Parts in Plastic and Metal

    - Tight Tolerance down to 0.01mm

  • Rapid Tooling

    - Aluminum Tooling and Steel Tooling

    - Insert Molds and Over Molds

    - MUD System with Low Tooling Cost

    - 5 to 25 Days for Tooling and Molding

  • Injection Mold Tooling

    - Unlimited Part Quantities

    - Diversified Plastic Available

    - Detailed DFM Report and Analysis

    - Insert Molding and Over Molding

  • Pressure Die Casting

    - 50 to 10,000+ Parts in Metal

    - Aluminum Casting and Zinc Die Casting

    - Polishing, Coating, Painting, Plating…

    - Based in China with Low Cost

  • Sheet Metal Fabrication

    - 1 to 500+ Sheet Metal Parts

    - Diversified Sheet Metal Available

    - Polishing, Coating, Painting, Plating…

    - Full Inspection and Quality Assurance

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