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3D Printing or CNC Prototyping?

3D printing is the new technology developing more and more popular in recent years, while CNC Prototyping China is a mature technology for many yearsalready. So what is the difference between 3D printing and CNC prototyping? How to choose?   First of all, let’s see advantages and disadvantages between 3D printing and CNC prototyping: 1. The most […]

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Our 5 Top Key Points for Mold Design

Are you working on a new injection molding project? You might have some concepts about how to manufacture your products. To ensure you can get high quality parts in short time frame, we would like to share our 5 important points that may help you to kick off your rapid tooling or Rapid Prototype Tooling project. […]

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Equipment For Building Rapid Tooling Quickly

We have talked some common machining equipment for tooling manufacturing at TEAM Rapid Tooling, hereby we will introduce some ‘smart’ equipment.   CNC The traditional machining is almost manual operation with ordinary machines, which processing the work-pieces by hand-shaking the mechanical cutters and then measuring the parts by calipers or other tools. Even now, this […]

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General Equipment For Manufacturing Rapid Tooling

Tooling which called mould, mold, tool, die as well, is the physical item that can be used to achieve the goal products by changing the shape of the material, especially if the item is not consumed in the process. Generally, it includes fixtures or jigs, soft tools (rapid tooling) for low to medium production, and […]

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Rapid Tooling Is Your Best Choice For Low Volume Production Needs

We can not find two exactly same leaves, but we can have two exactly same products. The maternal of leaves – tree, opens branches and leaves, and lets its “heirs” grow freely, thus forms a different style of natural form. The product tooling is very different with the tree, no tooling no same product. Therefore, the […]

Why Choose ABS Plastic?

In last topic we talked about the Top 5 synthetic, and mentioned that ABS is the most widely used resin for manufacturing, not only for Low Volume Manufacturing (such as CNC prototype & rapid injection molding) but also mass molding production. Here we will talk some more characteristics of ABS. ABS is a thermoplastic plastic […]

Top Five Synthetic Resins

Synthetic resin is a kind of synthetic high molecular weight polymer, which combines or exceeds the inherent properties of natural resins. Now it is the most important manufacturing material in world, which can be applied for injection molding, plastic extrusion, blowing, foaming, etc.   As the top five of the synthetic resin, PE, PVC, PP, […]

Some Useful Tips Of CNC Machining

Known as its high-efficiency and ultra-precision, CNC machining is applied more and more popular in many fields. At TEAM Rapid, we provide not only customized CNC Prototyping China service but also repeated production for both high and low volume manufacturing. Hereby, we are going to share some useful tips according to our years’ experience. 1. […]

Competitive Service Of Injection Mold Tooling China

In recent years, the development of plastic Injection Mold Tooling China industry in china is developing very quickly, followed by the market competition which is more and more fierce, especially many foreign mold manufacturers have entered into Chinese market after China joined the WTO. Although the growth of exporting the molds and molding parts is […]

Save You Cost By Vacuum Casting Method

Save You Cost By Vacuum Casting Method vacuum casting, also called polyurethane casting, it is a good method to satisfy your low volume production needs at a low cost, you can have 10 or serval hundred custom parts in a short time, it is critical part of Prototyping China processes. There are serval steps for […]

The Significances Of Rapid Prototype

Called as ‘first model’ or ‘hand model’ in somewhere, rapid prototype is the real and functional sample made according to the virtual drawing or data, which is used for testing or verifying the appearance and rationality for the new design, such as shape, structure, fitting, function, etc. The most common materials for prototyping are plastics […]

The Best Steel Metal For Rapid Tooling

The technology of rapid tooling is developing quickly in the industry. How to select the corrected steel and build the tool quickly are the critical topic nowaday. Al7075, P20, S136H, NAK80 steels are commonly used as steel metal in Rapid Tooling. Let’s discuss the differences between each items and learn more about their properties here. Al 7075: […]

How To Find Rapid Tooling Manufacturer In China

China has been predicted as the largest economy in the 21st century around the globe and will soon surpass the America. Despite the fact that the relative cost of manufacturing in China has risen in the past few years, it is still often the best location for American retailers and manufacturers to source goods or […]