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Why Should You Use 3D Printing for Your Rapid Prototyping Services?

Rapid prototyping is modern way to develop new products that allows designers to verify if the real products match their design, to modify their designs to perfection, to perform form, fit and functional tests. 3D printing is an affordable technique to create functional prototypes in no time and with a lot of freedom. Let’s see […]

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CNC Prototyping

The first step in the mass production of any metal part in standardized quality, size, shape, dimension and quality is to be prototyping. And one of the common methods to make mass production more effective and faster is CNC Prototyping. In the past, people spent massive time to do initial design and then create a […]

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Benefits of Chinese Prototype Manufacturers

Today, people trust China manufacturers could produce their products properly while the market is full of challenge and misunderstanding. They trust Chinese manufacturing, export strategies and practices. Here are 4 benefits you need to know about Chinese Prototype Manufacturers. Chinese manufacturers make your cost more flexible. Most people think “Made in China” is low cost, but […]

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Low-volume Rapid Manufacturing

It is true that high-volume manufacturing is the best strategy for production run that gives you the best price. It is also true that the early investments in high-volume manufacture is large. Low-volume production run as the first step, can offer an affordable way if you have limited budget. You can be still profitable with […]

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Understanding of Low Volume Manufacturing Services

In the earliest manufacturing, an experienced craftsman hand-built products one by one. As the demand for cheaper and faster products grown, factory and mass production occur. Nowadays, high efficient facilities output is millions per year. But what if you only need to produce 1000, 100 or even 10 per year? Low-Volume Manufacturing Services help you! […]


Key Steps to Develop a New Product Using Plastic Injection Molding

We received inquires for customers who have fantastic and innovative ideas to develop plastic products or components by using plastic injection molding for their business. Clients’ biggest concern in plastic injection molding is the cost. How to help them to sole this problem? Let’s see the following key steps: 1, Get a great concept. The […]

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Quotes of Rapid Prototyping Parts from United States Clients

We help lots of customers to prototype their ideas and lunch the products into the market. Recently, we got some quotes from United States clients, below is the details: 1. Internal ring gear Nylon or other plastic, qty (2) 330mm OD approx, 288mm PD, 1.5 MOD (pitch), 192 teeth, 12-14mm tooth face, 20 deg PA, […]