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Why Use 3D Printing for Rapid Prototyping Services?

Rapid prototyping is modern way to develop new products that allows designers to verify if the real products match their design, to modify their designs to perfection, to perform form, fit and functional tests. 3D printing is an affordable technique to create functional prototypes in no time and with a lot of freedom.

Let’s see what advantages that 3D printing will bring to your excellent projects:

1, Saving time

Traditional manufacturing way normally take around 1 week to produce a simple part using CNC machining, sheet metal or turning. 3D printer just take data from a 3D CAD model and prints the files without any extra machines set up times. You can get a prototype even in a few hours. It is obvious that 3D Printing is the shortest way between your ideas, your 3D file and getting your prototype in your hands. You can launch your projects sooner and bring your products to market more quick.

2, Saving cost

Without extra machines set up, material procurement, programming tool paths, machines running and monitoring. 3D printing cost less than traditional manufacturing processes like CNC machining. You will only need to send a file to the 3D printer, then print it.

3, 3D printing is Quick for test

With the help of 3D printing, technicians can evaluate if your complicated design is costly to produce. 3D printers produce parts easily with layer-by-layer method which CNC machining or sheet metal fabrication can not do without extra tooling. Designers understand the trade-offs between function and aesthetic by prototype creating. Once the test is done, designer will reduce those unnecessary parts and simplify the design to cost perfection. 3D printing allows designers to choose materials.3D printing materials such as polyamide, resin and metal suit well for your prototyping test of mechanical and functional parts. Tearing, assembly or stress tests become easy to implement and affordable.

4, Lower the risk

With printing, we could mitigate risk before setting up the costly production processes. You will bear less financial and time risk if you want to make a huge change on your design as 3D print is cost-effective.

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