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Things You Need To Know About Rapid Injection Molding

Rapid injection molding can help you with prototypes and transfer to production. Rapid injection molding is the ability to speed up the development and production cycle, lower the cost and deliver a part that meets your desired outcome. Before you decide to use rapid injection molding as part of your development process, you need to consider the following five things.

1, Get an appropriate design

An appropriate design requires consideration of both the product and the business objectives, including reliability, regulatory requirements, cost and supply chain. To choose the proper manufacturing technology to satisfy the appropriate design, you should evaluate the cost, lead time and product output capabilities of each technology. And your development team should have rich experience with injection molding skill and should be able to conduct design reviews to recommend the best technology to meet your dream outcome.

2, Select proper materials

Material selection is important for device performance, testing, cost and profitability. Manufacturers usually choose their familiar material which they have data when they design a new product. And they will also consider the shrink rate of the chosen material.

3, Freeze the design

Change is expensive something. Design freeze is mythical. But designer is hard to validate the design without creating parts. Parts that are critical to function need to be built in the exact design and intended material of the final part. Designer wants to do inexpensive and flexible changes. One way to reduce the cost is to leave a small amount of extra material on the mold – for example, an inner diameter that should be 0.550 cm. might initially be left at 0.555 cm. This allows the mold to be modified as the mold and product design are evaluated and “dialed-in.”

  1. Validate

There is a lot of complexity to decide whether to validate a part or the whole product. The decision is risky but it is prudent to consider the validation for your product early in the development status.

5, Understand QTY of parts you need

We talk about appropriate design at the beginning, one of the important factor to justify the investment in injection molding. Injection molds are expensive and increase cost of change. Let your manufacturers to suggest the ideal tooling investment and the beneficial technologies. Manufactures could offer the solutions to meet your goals and let you understand the trade-offs. Technologies like machining, cast urethane and 3D printing are good methods to develop plastic products depending one the quantity you need.

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