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Applications of Injection Molding

There were approximately 18,000 different materials available for injection molding in 1995, and that number was increasing at an average rate of 750 per year. As the vast available material for selection, designers can base on the function and strength of their product’s requirements to choose the right properties plastic.


Injection molding is developing quickly these years, it can be used in nearly all industries. We can often see some of the devices plastic parts which are produced by injection molding. No matter which industry you come from, you business can get benefit from Rapid Injection Molding starts from rapid prototype & low volume injection to mass production.


Custom Injection Molding


When you have a plastic part that you need to get some volume for opening and testing the market, you can consider custom injection molding. The versatility to design molds that can create parts of various shapes, sizes and geometries, which allow us to produce your parts base on your specific quantities.


TEAM Rapid has rich and professional experience on tooling and products making over 20 years, we offer not only low volume injection molding service but also the large volume parts manufacture. Our happy customers come from automotive, home appliance, automation and electronic industries etc, we understand your standard and can provide high-quality custom parts to meet your need. Want to learn more about us? Contact our team at [email protected] today.


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