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6 Factors Effect on Your Prototyping Method Selection

There are several ways to manufacture rapid prototypes. Peoples always doubt that which one is the best process for making their prototypes. In the following article, we are going to share our considerations about prototyping making.


CNC prototyping, 3D printing, vacuum casting, Rapid Prototype Tooling & injection molding, these are the most popular prototyping china method. How to choose?


1.  According to the products’ application, weather you need the part works under pressure and has water proof properties etc.

2.  Depends on how many quantities you need. Different volume has reflected processing method, this relates on the cost and time directly.

3.  The expected material of your part. Not all the material can be achieved by one process, there has limitations. Just like we can’t make metal parts by injection molding. Settle down the material (plastic or metal), then choose the process.

4.  According to the shape of your product to choose the process method. Every process has its advantages and disadvantages, we can machine the part by A process as well as B or C process, choose the best easy handle one, as that can cut down your cost and might have better quality control.

5.  According to your expected delivery time to choose the process method. You can have a timeframe, and ask the prototyping factory to suggest process which can meet your expectation.

6.  Choose the process method according to the tolerance requirement.


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