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Engineering and Design Supports for Rapid Tooling

At TEAM Rapid, most of our engineers have over 10 year experience in the tooling field. We can provide professional Engineering and Design Supports to our customers in the name of design optimisation before tooling, this greatly cuts down any potential quality risks that limit launching into the market quickly.

Advantages of DFM- Engineering and Design Supports

– Optimizes the design and greatly cuts down any quality issues caused by design defects. This helps to reduce any costs associated with late changes or revisions once production has begun.

– Shortens the cycle of new product introduction and listing.

– It is conducive to manufacturing and can simplify the process.

While it varies based on a part’s complexity, the DFM can be prepared in only one or two days.

MFA(Mold Flow Analysis) Service

Meanwhile, we provide MFA(Mold Flow Analysis) service if the customer has special requirements. We use data simulation software to assess the feasibility of the mold structure and improve the mold and product design. Through data simulation, it is easy to see the problems in the injection and Rapid Tooling and revisit the design process prior to production if necessary. This virtual simulation can greatly save on “trial and error” costs by quickly solving early problems that may be encountered.

We are a professional Rapid Tooling manufacturing company. Our engineering team has many years of experience in mold manufacturing, and whether it is a simple mold or a complex mold, we can provide you with the best solution. If you want to know more, please contact us at [email protected]

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