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How Much Does High Pressure Die Casting Tooling Cost

How Much Does High Pressure Die Casting Tooling Cost


Die casting is one of the most economical and fast manufacturing processes. Die casting has an advantage that hundreds of thousands of castings can be produced quickly by only one mold. Pressure die casting parts have uniform quality and the cost per unit is relatively low. Die casting process is suitable for series and mass production of parts. The main disadvantage of die casting is the high cost. Die casting, the die and related components are expensive compared to other casing process. So, to make die casting to be an economic process, a high volume is needed.

Die Casting


How much doe high pressure die casing tooling cost?

Die casting process is relatively inexpensive because of its high levels of repeatability. Initial tooling cost is high but it saves money during the process. It also reduces material waste, mistakes, and post-cast machining. So, how much does high pressure die casing tooling cost? Aluminum sand cast tooling costs around USD$500 to USD$7,500 depending on the size and complexity level of the aluminum casting part life. Aluminum pressure die casing tooling costs from USD5,000 to USD75,000 depending on the size of complexity of the aluminum die casting parts.


Disadvantages of Die Casing

1. Die casting is not suitable for metals and alloys in high melting point, for example, steel.

2. Cost of the die is high

3. Production lead time for die casting is long


Advantages of Die Casing

1. Parts with complex geometry and internal cavities can be produced by die casting.

2. Die casting can produce small to large size parts. From hundred grams to thousands of kilograms.

3. Parts in intricate shape can be produce by die casting,

4. Any material can be cast ferrous and non-ferrous


Die casting is a fast manufacturing process

Die casting is one of the most economical and fastest manufacturing process. Hundreds of thousands of castings could be produced relatively quickly by only one mold.


Sand Casting VS Die Casting

The main difference between sand casting and die casting process is the materials used to from the mold. Die casting uses metal mold and sand casing uses the molds which are made out of sand.


Is Aluminum Casting expensive?

Aluminum is less expensive than stainless steel and more expensive than carbon steel.


Tooling Costs

Tooling cost is one of the most complex cost factors to evaluate. The tooling cost per unit is the depreciated tooling cost over the life of the tool divided by the number of parts produced in the tool life.


Can iron be die casted?

Carbon steel, alloy steel and stainless steel can rust as they have iron. It is possible these ferrous metals, but it is uncommon because they will rust. Non-ferrous metal like aluminum, copper has trace amounts of iron.


Die casting is expensive

The life of a die depends on the temperature of the molten metals and the cycle time. The dies are made out of hard tool steels. Cast iron does not withstand the high pressures. So, the dies are expensive because of the high set-up cost.


Is it possible to die cast steel?

Most of die cast parts are made from non-ferrous metals such as zinc, aluminum, magnesium and more. Investment casting is able to cast metal with ferrous metals including stainless steel. So, investment casting is an ideal option to cast stainless steels or copper alloys.


Aluminum die casting

Aluminum die casting is a manufacturing process to force molten aluminum into a steel die by pressure. Aluminum die casting is usually used for high volume manufacturing. Aluminum parts need a minimum of machining and finishing can be created by casting method.


Aluminum is good for casting

Aluminum is used in most of sand casting because of its strength-to-weight ratio, good corrosion resistance, electrical conductivity and high ductility.


Stainless steel VS aluminum

Stainless steel is stronger than aluminum. Aluminum is more malleable compared to stainless steel. Aluminum is much easier to work with. Aluminum cost less time to cast compared to stainless steel.


Cast aluminum is strong

Cast aluminum is strong and durable. Cast aluminum is not as strong as cast iron, it is close and a type of metal which depend on when you need it the most.


Advantage of metal casting

The metal casing process is free from restriction of size, thickness and the shape of casting. The wall thickness of casing can be up to 0.3 – 1000 mm. The length ranges from a few millimeters to ten meters. The weight ranges from a few grams to more than 300 tons.


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