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Rapid Prototyping: Start Your Project with Rapid Prototypes

Rapid prototyping services start with digital models, manufacturing methods include CNC machining, 3D printing and more. People can make rapid prototypes from any materials which compatible with manufacturing method they use. This may or may not include surface treatments. Rapid prototyping is fast turnaround. When people want to develop a product by rapid prototyping services, faster is better. In simple terms, people use technology to turn a product concept into a real product. The early physical product is a prototype. They will improve and modify this product until they get the final version. At that time, they are ready to sue to sell this product. So, the quicker people improve or modify their prototypes, the quicker they can go to the market.


If you are looking for rapid prototyping service to help your product development, you are at the right place. TEAM Rapid offer premium quality, fast turnaround, and cost-effective rapid prototyping services to customers all around the world. We equipped with high manufacturing technology, advanced equipment and an expert team of professional engineers. We are able to turn your product concept to from design to the market in a few days.


We are ready to begin working with you! Below are the main rapid prototyping methods we provide at TEAM Rapid.

Rapid Prototyping


3D printing Rapid Prototyping Services

At TEAM Rapid, 3D printing is one of our rapid prototyping services. 3D printing is also called additive manufacturing. It is ideal for 3D printed plastic and metals. 3D printing protoyping has a wide range of material and finishing options available. 3D printing sometime can be used for production. 3D printing does not need tooling. It takes only a short time to build a 3D printed prototype. 3D printing offers geometrical freedom. It is affordable, especially for low volume orders.

3D printing is often used to build concept models. SLM, a precise technology can build functional prototypes and production products.

SLM – It is used to build prototypes in steel or titanium.

SLS – It is used to create strong prototypes in nylon or nylon glass

SLA – It is used to make plastic prototypes with good surface finish.

FDM – It is used to make plastic prototypes in low cost.


Rapid tooling

Rapid tooling refers to the rapid CNC machining of metal tooling for injection molding. Rapid tooling is the first step to toward rapid injection molding. When customers order 100 to 2,000 injection molded parts, prototyping tooling for molding is an ideal. If customers order more than 2,000 injection molded parts, then, go to the production-level steel tooling. Rapid tooling is fast turnaround. Rapid tooling is cheaper than mass production tooling. Rapid tooling and rapid injection are more expensive than 3D printing, it creates plastic parts which have very close production quality can. So, rapid tooling can be used to create functional testing.


CNC machining

At TEAM Rapid, we have a large number of CNC machining centers, mills and lathes which allow our rapid prototyping of CNC machining prototypes made from plastic or metal. We combine CNC machining with other rapid prototyping services processes, we provide a wide range of material and finishing treatment options. CNC machining is a high-precision rapid prototyping technology. Rapid CNC machining cost is higher than 3D printing. CNC machining prototypes have better surface finish and part strength than 3D printing.

Rapid metal casting

Casting is a production process to produce metal parts with high quality. Rapid metal casting which uses 3D printing to create low cost patterns provide an affordable way to prototype metal casting parts. Rapid metal casting parts have close production quality. They have great excellent tensile strength and can be post-machined.


Rapid vacuum casting

Rapid vacuum casting is a low-cost rapid prototyping service to produce plastic in low cost. Compared to injection molding, rapid vacuum casting’s tooling is lower. Rapid vacuum casting has lower minimum order quantity. Vacuum cast parts are not durable, they have good surface finish without post-processing.


Rapid sheet metal prototyping

Rapid sheet metal prototyping is a set of rapid prototyping services to produce sheet metal parts. Rapid sheet metal prototyping is used to create flat parts, for example, brackets, enclosures and more. Rapid sheet metal prototyping can produce very large metal parts. Rapid sheet metal prototyping is cost-effective when producing large and simple parts.


Why get rapid prototypes?

No matter you are an engineer, designer, of a member of development team, rapid prototyping services provide many benefits.

Rapid prototyping services offer a fast and cost-effective way to explore and realize concepts. It is fast turnaround. It is low cost and it make it easy to grasp the properties and design of a product in the real world.

Rapid prototyping services offer a good way to develop and refine the end products before launching to the market and make sure the design is perfected.

Rapid prototyping services are able to show concepts concisely and effectively.

Rapid prototyping services allow to test and refine a concept. Rapid prototyping services minimize design mistakes with rapid prototypes run. It eliminates costly design errors which may not obvious in early assessment.

Rapid prototyping services do not need setup and tooling cost, so, they help to save time and money.


Why choose our rapid prototyping services?

At TEAM Rapid, we will work closely with customers, our prototyping is excellent, efficient and economic. Our engineers can turn the product ideas to real products in just a few days and at the competitive cost.



TEAM Rapid is flexible for low volume parts, we are able to make your orders in any quality.


Competitive cost

Our efficient rapid prototyping system allows us to provide competitive cost.


Fast turnaround

Our experienced team are able to turn the product ideas to real products in just a few days.


Experienced team

Our team has over 10 year experience in a wide range of industries, we are able to deal with all challenging projects.


Tight tolerances

We are able to create parts with tight tolerances for aerospace and medical industries.


Wide range of material available

We provide a wide range of rapid prototyping materials, for example, plastic, metal, ceramic and more.


What are the type of rapid prototype?

They are different kinds of prototypes, for example, visual prototypes functional prototypes which are used for testing performance.


Concept prototype

Concept prototype is the earlies and simplest type of prototypes. Concept prototypes are kept internal and may go through many improvements.


Display prototype

A display prototype is a more developed prototype which is focused on its cosmetic aspects. The display prototype has very close look to the final product and it may not for function testing.


Functional prototype

A functional prototype is created to act like the final product. It allows designer to do testing on the prototypes to make sure its function is correct.


Pre-production prototype

A pre-production prototypes is the last type of prototype which is used before production. It is used to validate the chosen mass manufacturing process and make sure the products will work well.


TEAM Rapid is leading prototypes manufacturer that offer rapid prototyping services, if you need help on your prototyping projects, contact us today.

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