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Rapid Tooling and Small Volume Production

Rapid tooling is a technology allows you to run small to large volume production. By combing rapid prototyping and conventional tooling method, we can use rapid tooling process to run prototypes for small volume production.


Importance of Rapid tooling in low volume manufacturing

If you need some parts in realities or engineering material, rapid tooling would be the best answer to solve your question. Benefits from the process, we can build the tool in aluminum or soft steel, through simplifying the tooling structure by applying manual insert and MUD mold base system, we can build the mold in exactly geometry in quite a short time. Shortening the tooling lead-time usually brings fast turn-around on the project, it means you can have prototype or product to test the market quickly.


Advantages of Rapid Tooling

Rapid tooling allows you to invest less money on tool building, we can put this amount to open the market and raise the sales.

Rapid tooling allows you to get the prototype or sample parts in shorter lead-time.

Rapid tooling allows you to do the modifications on tooling directly, which is same as the conventional tooling.

Rapid tooling allows a wide range of injection/engineering material to make prototypes and small run production.


TEAM Rapid offers rapid prototypes and small volume production by rapid tooling and rapid injection molding method. No matter how many parts you need, we can give you a best solution. Want to know more about us? Contact our team at sales@teamrapidtooling.com today!

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