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Universal Mold Construction Commentary

In the plastic industry, there are many types of molds. Generally, we can divide them in 3 big sections.


1. Two plate mold

When opening the mold after ejection, we can tell the mold in two parts core side and cavity side easily. The mold has only one parting line, and product parting line located between core side and cavity side. Look at the picture below for more details.


2. Three plate mold

When opening the mold after ejection movement, we can see 2 parting lines on the mold. First between top plate and runner stripper plate, second between cavity and core side, it is easy to tell the different with 2 plated mold. Look at the picture below for more details.


General mold construction


We can have a straight look at the picture below, the components of mold are:


1. Top plate (plate 1)

2. Striper plate (plate 2)

3. Runner plate (plate 10)

4. Cavity plate (plate 3)

5. Core plate (plate 4)

6. Spacer Block (plate 6)

7. Bottom plate (plate 9)

8. Ejector plate (plate 7)

9. Ejector retainer plate (plate 8)


For the rapid tooling, the mold structure was simplified by using manual insert and MUD system, it can has shorter turn around.


TEAM Rapid specializes in tool making and Injection Molding, our engineering team has many years of experience in mold manufacturing, and whether it is a simple mold or a complex mold, we can provide you with the best solution. If you want to know more, please feel free to contact us at sales@teamrapidtooling.com

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