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CNC which is also called computer numerical controlled machining is a commonly used manufacturing process which uses automated, high-speed cutting tools to form designs from metal or plastic. At TEAM Rapid, we have standard CNC machines which include 3-axis, 4-axis, and 5-axis milling machines, lathes, and routers. Our skilled machinists operate CNC machines by programming tool paths based on the geometry. A CAD model provide the geometry information. CNC machines cut any metal and rigid plastic with high precision and repeatability. CNC machining parts are suitable for many industries which include aerospace, medical, robotics, electronics and more. TEAM Rapid provides CNC MACHINING SERVICES quotes for more than 40 materials ranging from aluminum to titanium and engineered plastic such as Teflon and PEEK.


How does CNC machining work?

CNC machining uses subtractive processes. Feedstock is machined to its end form though subtracting and removing material. Holes are drilled, metal stock is shaped into new material with taper, diameters and shapes. For subtractive manufacturing, shapes are done by the subtraction of material. This contrasts with additive manufacturing which material are added, layered and deformed to make a shape. It also contrasts to injection molding which material is injected in a different state of matter by a mold and formed to a desired shape. CNC machining is versatile. CNC machining can be used with different materials which include metals, plastic, wood, foam, glass and other composite materials. Because of versatility, CNC machining is a popular manufacturing process in different industries which enable designer and engineers to produce products efficiently and precisely.



TEAM Rapid offer CNC MACHINING SERVICES to designers, product developer, engineers and more. Our high-quality CNC machining shops can produce any custom design no matter it is simple or complex. We provide rapid CNC prototypes, low and high-volume CNC machining production. Send your CAD file to get a free instant quote, you will receive your price, lead time and manufacturability feedback on your CNC machining parts. At TEAM Rapid, our CNC MACHINING SERVICES provide metals and plastic to meet customers’ requirements at the reasonable price and product development stage. We ensure each customer will get their CNC machining parts with high quality and on time.

CNC Machining Services - TEAM MFG


What is our CNC machining and turning capabilities?

At TEAM Rapid, we have significant capabilities in machining.

– 5 Axis Machining up to 26″

– 4 Axis Machining up to 36″

– 3 Axis Machining up to 60″

– Wire EDM with a part depth of 18″


What industries use CNC MACHINING SERVICES?

CNC MACHINING SERVICES are widely used in a wide range of industries which include aerospace, automotive, consumer electronics, robotics, agriculture and other fields which need metal parts frequently. Common CNC machining applications include medical devices, household goods, energy, oil and gas. CNC machining is one of the most widely used manufacturing processes in the world.


What is the difference between CNC machining and milling?

CNC milling is one of the styles of CNC machining. CNC machining is any process which a part is produce by a machine that is controlled by a computer. CNC milling, a cutting tool spins at high speeds and advances and across the piece to remove material. CNC turning, routing, plasma cutting, and water jetting are the other types of CNC machining. CNC turning and CNC milling can be combined to a machine because they can additive and subtractive operated, and produce more complex types of CNC machining.



When we receive a CAD file, we calculate the cost of machinable parts by machine learning algorithms. We are able to generate an exact quote instantly. Customers will always know the price up front. Just upload your CAD file to generate a quote simply. Our instant quotes are free. If you have made a new design iteration, just send load both order and new design into our quoting tool to compare the cost. This technology costs us less overhead and make the entire process less expensive, so, the price for our customers is lower.


How to reduce the cost for CNC machining parts?

The main factors impact the cost are machining time, start-up costs, materials costs and feature costs. To reduce the machining time, the best way is to design features which can be machined fast. For example, reducing cavity depth, increasing wall thickness, limiting thread length and designing holes with standard size. To reduce the material cost, the size of the blank required and machinability of the bulk material should be considered. Reducing the number part rotations or repositioning the finish can reduce the start up cost. Using tolerance when it is strictly necessary, removing text and letter, eliminating multiple surface finishes can lower the feature costs.

What are the tolerances for CNC machined parts?

l+0.005”/ -0.005” tolerances across most geometries in metals and ±0.010” for plastics. This will vary for large parts especially when holding flatness over large parts under heat treatment.

1. As milled finished requirements have minimum 125 surface finish for CNC parts.

2. 0.010” dimensional and 1 ° angular are the normal tolerance on for all fabricated parts.

3. No surface treatments such as anodize, bead blast, iridite and powder coat will be applied unless the treatment is paid.


How to choose the right CNC machining manufacturer to produce your parts?

Algorithms is a good way to identify the right CNC machining manufacturer for specific order. Manufacturer’s experience with similar projects, their proximity, and their capacity will allow you to balance customers’ requirement for quality, cost and speed better than before.


How to guarantee the quality of the CNC machining parts?

At TEAM Rapid, we take quality seriously. We have a rigorous supplier vetting process and just accept top supplier to make sure we continue to deliver CNC machining parts with highest quality to our customers. Our QA team will do regular quality checks of our facilities. Our QC team will do a comprehensive, standardized inspection report with each order to make sure quality metric are met and provide a first article inspection service on each order.


Where can learn more about CNC MACHINING SERVICES?

TEAM Rapid, as a professional CNC machining manufacturer, we have many experienced engineers and technicians in our team. We have written and post a lot of content about CNC MACHINING SERVICES over the years. Here at TEAM Rapid, you can learn bout many different kinds of mills and lathes work and the different materials available. You can compare their advantages and limitations very easily. You can also learn the design rules for machining and common applications of every material and surface finish.

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TEAM Rapid, as a leading CNC machining manufacturer, we have been providing CNC machining service for over 10 years. We focus on good working, high quality and small quantity order. Welcome any inquire about CNC machining projects, CNC custom parts, CNC turning parts, 3D print parts and more. Our CNC machined parts are made with various metal materials for automobile, motorcycle, photonics, bicycle, sports industries, electronics, telecommunications, microphone and more. Contact us today if your need CNC MACHINING SERVICES

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