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What Products Can Be Made From Injection Moulding?

When we produce products which need plastic molded parts, there are many manufacturing processes available to choose from depending on the type of the parts we will produce. Plastic Injection Moulding is one of the popular processes to produce high quality and cost-effective plastic parts.


Plastic injection moulding is a manufacturing process to produce plastic parts in high volume from thousands to millions. It is a manufacturing process that melted resin injected into a hollow mold until is its filled. Molten plastic resin or liquid polymer are filled the interior sufficiently by high temperature and extreme pressure during injection moulding process. The molds are cooled to release finished plastic parts. Injection moulding is versatile and can produce a large number of parts for a wide range of applications.

Injection Moulding


What products can be made from injection moulding?


Electronic Housings

Electronic housings are widely produced by injection moulding. Electronic houses are used in devices like remote controls, computer, televisions, medical equipment, consumer electronic components and other devices produced by injection moulding process. Injection moulding can produce any custom plastic enclosure.



Injection moulding can produce toys which are lightweight and durable. Toys are typically in many sizes and colors. Toys are designed for easy precise assembly. For example, Lego brand. Lego brand toys are made of firmer plastic granules that are heated until liquefied. And then injected into metal mold which the plastic cools and solidifies in to a studded brick and other shape. Each brick of Lego toys is accurately molded so they can fit together very well. Toys are precise products which could be in many shapes, sizes and colors.

Agricultural Parts

In agricultural industry, producing plastic components instead of metal components can lower the cost. Plastic components have higher impact resistance during use, humidity. They are able to resist extreme high or low temperatures. Plastic parts are corrosive resistant. UV additive protect plastic components from extreme weather conditions.


Household Parts

Many common household items which are used in our daily life are produced by injection moulding process. For example, molded closure, containers, components, drinkware and more.


Machinery and Automotive Components

There are many elements in cars or transportation vehicles, both interior and exterior such as bumpers, dashboards, radio controls, cup holder and more are produced by injection moulding process.


Healthcare Industry

In healthcare industry, there are many products are produced by injection moulding process. Healthcare industry relies on plastic products which are produced in high volume. Many healthcare products are single use, disposable item to prevents germs or disease spreading. Injection moulding helps healthcare industry to finish their jobs from plastic syringes to the tools used in medical procedures.


Injection moulding process is widely used to produce household items in our daily life from commercial, industrial and consumer products. Injection moulding provides the versatility to generate designs which are complex in any sizes. Injection moulding process can produce parts like electronic housings, agricultural products, toys, machinery components, and much more.


About TEAM Rapid

TEAM Rapid offers Injection Molding Services for a production range of low to high volume to meet your on-demend needs.

Rapid prototype tooling and low volume injection molding of 50-5,000+ parts for prototyping or small batch production.

Bridge tooling and medium volume injection molding of 5,000-100,000+ parts for market launching.

Production tooling and high volume injection molding of 100,000+ parts for mass production.

In these years, we have helped lots of customers to make their injection molded parts successfully. Contact us to learn more.

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