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TEAM Rapid

CNC Prototype Machining

CNC Prototype Machining offers high quality and consistency. CNC machines could follow the instructions to within a fraction of millimeter. A CNC machine can run the same job a second time with minimal deviation from the previous. This is useful to develop new iterations of prototype:

TEAM Rapid

Custom Plastic Injection Molding

TEAM Rapid, as a leading Custom Plastic Injection Molding manufacturer, we provide high quality plastic injection molding services at low cost. We got a reputation being the one of the best plastic injection molding manufacturer in industry. Our team of engineers specializes in manufacturing complex and simple plastic parts with strict tolerance:

TEAM Rapid

China CNC Prototype

When you are searching China CNC Prototype, make sure first that you find one which are experienced in CNC machining. CNC process is automatic, but it still needs experienced machinist to operate what is needed. At TEAM Rapid, our experienced technicians are well trained to help customers to avoid mistakes and move everything goes smoothly: