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China CNC Prototype

CNC means “Computer Numerical Control”. CNC machining is a manufacturing process to build high precision parts that required high specification. It is a technology that machined parts by removing layers of the material to get the desire parts. CNC machining is an ideal manufacturing method which it comes to build a small quantity or 100+ parts. CNC milling and turning is widely used to machine plastic and metal parts to make prototypes. When you are searching China CNC Prototype, make sure first that you find one which are experienced in CNC machining. CNC process is automatic, but it still needs experienced machinist to operate what is needed. At TEAM Rapid, our experienced technicians are well trained to help customers to avoid mistakes and move everything goes smoothly.

When manufacturers produce a prototype, speed is always the key factor that they taken in to consideration. One of the main benefits of CNC Prototype Machining is the speed. When data put into the computer, the computer is able to operate the machinery without labor. As the file is already stored, there is no need to put additional details to the computer every time a part is done. Machines make parts quicker than people.

Quality is also an important when producing prototypes. Building a prototype is a chance to test the design to see how it will looks like, It is a good way to perfect design before mass production. This help to save a lot of time and money in improving issues. Parts built by CNC machining are with high quality and precise dimensions. When it comes to build numerous prototypes, consistency is important.

Manufacturing cost is an important consideration. If production cost is expensive, consumers will need to pay more to buy the product. Customers will tend to more affordable alternatives if production cost is high. CNC prototype machinery helps to keep the low cost. CNC machining equipment is expensive, CNC machining manufacturer is able to spread the machines cost among customers to make the purchase cost effective. Machinery is able to operate efficiently which help to reduce the cost.

TEAM Rapid has been producing high precision parts to various production needs of customers throughout the world, We have a great response time and give quotation for customers’ requirements in 24 hours. If you are looking for china CNC prototype, contact us at [email protected] today.

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