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Cooling Conditioner Fan Back Cover - Case Study

rapid injection moldingServices: Steel Tooling & Rapid Injection Molding

Part Size: 785.5mm * 125.3mm * 70mm

Tooling Material: NAK80 Tool Steel

Tooling Lead Time: 16 calendar days

Injection Material: ABS/PC

Production Lead Time: 5 days

Quantity: 1000


About The Part
Even though there are no undercuts on the part(no slider action needs for tooling), it took certain time for machining the grid windows on the tool.

About The Project

We received an enquiry from a design company, they needed to get a quick turn a round of 1000 parts for testing the market. After a quick study, we recommend our rapid tooling and injection molding service to the customer.

The DFM analysis report was presented to the customer one day after obtaining the PO. After settling down the potential design and tooling manufacturing issues, we kicked off the tool building quickly. Lead-time for tooling is 16 calendar days, T1 samples were shipped as the schedule. 

rapid tooling       injection molding plastic part


“I received the T1 samples. They work very well, please go ahead -- Ken"

After getting the customer’s sample approval, we moved forward to run those 1000 PCS parts and delivered them within the following 5 calendar days. 

The customer received these parts and was happy about the services and quality.

rapid tooling       injection molding plastic part


The Finished Product:

rapid injection molding

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