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Aluminum Pressure Die Casting - Aluminum Die Casting Manufacturer

Aluminum HousingServices: Steel Tooling & Aluminum Pressure Die Casting

Part Size: 213.4mm * 232.5mm * 55mm

Tooling Material: H13 Hardening

Tooling Lead Time: 20 calendar days

Casting Material: ADC 12

Production Lead Time: 4 days

Quantity: 110


About The Product



The aluminum housing was designed to protect the components inside. It needs to eliminate vibration at maximum during working, so tight tolerance is necessary for critical dimensions to guarantee proper assembly and working.


About The Client


The client is a famous company located in US. They would like to start with a prototype pressure die casting mold for verifying the new design and have a low volume manufacturing. We quoted to the client, he was happy with our offer.


DFM (Design for Manufacturability) 

We can provide strong engineering supports to our customers, this greatly cuts down any potential quality risks that limit product launching quickly.

Gate   Parting Line   Ejection   Draft


Building The Mold


Pressure die casting tools are made in form of cavities and cores. As the mold works under high pressure and temperature, mold heat treatment/hardening is necessary. For this project, we had semi machining of cavity and core, and fine machining & EDM later after mold hardening. Building a pressure die casting mold always takes a long time, but we can shorten the tooling time to 20 or less calendar days by our rich experience and superb skill.

CNC Machining   Drilling   EDM   Fitting


Aluminum Die Casting


We poured molten aluminum from a crucible into the sleeve when pull up the die into the casting machine and ready for production. The liquid aluminum was injected into the cavity under great pressure. For the large amounts, an automatic ladle is used to transfer metal from cauldron to the sleeve. The gate and overflows were wiped off after ejection. For some critical dimensions, we did the post machining to meet the specifications.

Aluminum Pressure Die Casting   Pressure Die Casting Part   Aluminum Casting




After thoroughly inspected to the client’s specifications, we processed the viber polishing.

Viber Polishing        Part


Finally, we shipped the parts to client via Fedex, the package arrived at the site smoothly.


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