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Lounge Chair Frame – Case Study



Services: CNC Milling

Product Size: 750.8mm * 666.6mm * 571.9mm                    

Part Material: Al 6061

Part Finish: Polishing

Production Lead Time: 10 calendar days

Quantity: 1 complete set, 7 components per set


About The Project


The client is a famous industry design company in Denmark. They worked at a project about new-style lounge chair and would like to start with Rapid Prototype first, and may have low volume manufacturing need in the near future. We received the enquiry on 15th Sep, 2017 and offered the quotation to them in 2 hours that day.



Regarding to the product’s application, it must have good load capacity. The chair frame must be strong enough, so we quoted and suggested to make each part from one piece of aluminum, without cutting or welding. The client agreed with the proposal and placed the order the next day, we ordered the aluminum blocks and started programming right away.

Firming the Material    CNC Machining    Milling One Side    Milling Another Side

The parts came out one by one according to the plan.

Part    Part    Part    All Parts

The Finished Part:

As the client would have some special post treatments on the frame, so we removed the cutting marks and shipped these parts in raw finish with basis polishing.

                   Lounge Chair Frame                    Lounge Chair Frame


The client received the package 3 days later and was happy with our quality.

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