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One-stop Service to Meet Your Low Volume Manufacturing Needs

  • Rapid Prototyping -- TEAM Rapid excels by using series of prototyping methods to turn your designs into realities.

  • Low Volume Manufacturing -- We can make up to 100,000+ parts either one time or on a regular basis.

  • From protoype making and then tool building & volume manufacturing, we understand better what you needs and can provide the best solution to save your time and cost.

Our Capabilities


Rapid Prototyping

- Rapid CNC Prototype

- Vacuum Casting Service

- 3D Printing Service(SLA&SLS)

- Typically Lead Time: 2-8 Days


Precision CNC Machining

- CNC Milling, Turning, Wire Erosion, EDM

- Polishing, Anodizing, Painting, Plating…

- 1 to 500+ Parts in Plastic and Metal

- Tight Tolerance down to 0.01mm


Rapid Tooling

- Aluminum Tooling and Steel Tooling

- Insert Molds and Over Molds

- MUD System with Low Tooling Cost

- 5 to 25 Days for Tooling and Molding


Injection Molding Tooling China

- Unlimited Part Quantities

- Diversified Plastic Available

- Detailed DFM Report and Analysis

- Insert Molding and Over Molding


Pressure Die Casting

- 50 to 10,000+ Parts in Metal

- Aluminum Casting and Zinc Die Casting

- Polishing, Coating, Painting, Plating…

- Based in China with Low Cost


Sheet Metal Fabrication

- 1 to 500+ Sheet Metal Parts

- Diversified Sheet Metal Available

- Polishing, Coating, Painting, Plating…

- Full Inspection and Quality Assurance

What our customers say

  • "The parts arrived 1 hour ago (1 day before the FedEx due date! That was already a surprise). The parts are great and to your usual high standard. Thanks a lot for getting this job done for me so quickly, and that you have exceeded your promise!!!"

    ~ Tom, Product Designer
  • "We received the shipment and everything is very good. Our experience working with your company has been exceptional. We look forward to working with you again."

    ~ Dean, Project Manager
  • "We received the parts yesterday, thank you for the fast delivery. The quality and finishing are very well done"

    ~ Olavo, Industry Engineer


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