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Development of Rapid Prototyping in China


Rapid prototyping China is developing rapidly these years. Rapid prototyping is a quick manufacturing process that enable manufacturers to create physical parts or models by CAD. These parts or models are usually built by additive manufacturing which is known as 3D printing. These parts or models are used for proofing or testing before investing huge in tooling, for example, injection molds. Rapid prototyping in China is using technologies like 3D printing, CNC machining and vacuum injection molding.

Rapid Prototyping China


How China Develops Rapid Prototyping?

In the past, China used traditional injection molding process to produce tools and parts. Injection molding process is expensive and it cost time to build injection molds and tools. Normally, it will take around two months to build the molds. Rapid prototyping China improves this. Parts built without CNC prototypes and tested before manufacturing of CNC prototypes only with 3D rendering. Many entrepreneurs will contact who is able to talk three and four manufacturers and have rich experience in their products. They will have two or three manufacturers in case any manufacturer will have problems. Then, prototypes are produced and the tools are manufactured with CNC machining using prototypes in it and markets the products. Today, China offers a great market to make prototypes, to produce parts in low volume and to scale up the level of production volumes.


How Rapid Prototyping Develops in China Rapidly?

In China, rapid prototyping machines are produced in different manufacturers. Rapid prototyping manufacturers produce their prototypes by their rapid prototyping services. Their rapid prototyping services begins from studies, researches, function, and visual proof of principle prototypes. Rapid prototyping manufacturers produce prototypes by 3D printer, SLA, CNC machining, CNC turning, rapid tooling and more. Experienced rapid prototyping engineers work with Pro-E, UG, solid works and mold-flow modeling programs to develop functional and manufacturable parts. They help their clients throughout the whole product development process from prototype to mass production. Rapid prototyping services grow quickly in China.


Rapid Prototyping Technologies in China

There are many rapid prototyping technologies in China which include:


·3D Printing

·Photopolymer Resin

·Vacuum Injection Molding

·Die Casting Prototyping

·Vacuum Casting

·Rapid Injection Molding

·Sheet Metal Prototyping

·Low Volume Production Prototyping

·Plastic Injection Molding

·Polyurethane Casting Service

·Custom Aluminum Machine

·Precise CNC Machining Services

·Stainless Steel Prototyping

·WEDM Services

·CNC machining

·CNC Prototyping Machine

·CNC Milling

·CNC Grinding

·CNC Turning

·Shout Molding

·Medical Prototyping Service

·SLA Prototypes

·Prototype Manufacturing

·Prototyping Service

·Simultaneous 5-axis CNC Machine

·Rapid Tooling Aluminum Prototype

·Aluminum Anodizing


How to find a reliable Rapid Prototyping Manufacturer in China?

One way to find a rapid prototyping manufacturer is to search the internet that which manufacturers are able to produce prototypes. The other way is to go to those companies which offers finding a rapid prototyping manufacturers services could meet customer requirements. TEAM Rapid is a reliable rapid prototyping manufacturer in China. We offer provide efficient work and services about rapid prototyping, CNC machining, low volume manufacturing and more.


Why TEAM Rapid?

TEAM Rapid is a reliable rapid prototyping manufacturer in China. We offer high quality prototype, low volume production, CNC machining, 3D printing, rapid tooling and more. We have served more than thirty countries and produced more than 20,000 parts with tight tolerances. Our goal is to offer high quality of prototypes, low volume parts and high-quality control to customers. Our engineers offer cost-effective solutions to our customers for their product development. We build a good relationship with customer all around the world which cover large scale industrial, commercial, medical, automotive, Aerospace and more.


Advantages of Rapid Prototyping and Low Volume Production

Prototype machining is profitable. Our different types of prototype machining include CNC machining, CNC milling, CNC turning, CNC grinding, EDM, rapid prototypes. CNC machining with rapid prototypes is beneficial in output compared to other prototypes. Its advantages include design flexibilities, less costly, up-scale production, less time consumption, improved mechanical properties, variety of materials and high-quality surface finishing.


TEAM Rapid, as a leading rapid prototyping manufacturer, we provide high quality Rapid Prototyping Services. To learn more about rapid prototyping China, contact us today

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