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Low-Volume Manufacturing Strategies


Low volume manufacturing strategies focus in producing small batches of part more cost-effectively. It ensures rapid production for mass production is efficient and good quality for each parts. Low volume manufacturing strategies are not suitable for everybody but in some industries, for example, in medical applications producing, they are essential. Low manufacturing processes are different. Use which one depends on customers’ requirements and target market. Manufacturers will consider the more popular option to choose the best path to market.

Low-volume Manufacturing

Choosing Low Volume Manufacturing Strategies needs to consider the expense in product production, development time and complexity overall. Manufacturers should look at some of the most common strategies used in production to define their own individual processes.

High mix, low-volume manufacturing is a chaotic process. Many different parts are built together in small batches. Many process changes and a set of materials and tools are required in this strategy. It is not an ideal option to an assembly line environment as it requires creativity and adaptivity. When it comes to manufacture a lot of parts in a single item like contract manufacturing, high mix, low-volume manufacturing is an ideal choice as it allow manufacturer to maintain multiple income streams rather than relying on a single product.

Adaptive lean low-volume manufacturing has useful aspects although it is not designed for low volume manufacturing. It allow the building of a single product in as few steps as possible, the waste is reduced. Manufacturer can scale the operation better and make the production stage more cost-effective. This method is best used when building a series of identical products or ones that aren’t very complex, as the process will allow for little deviation. Lean is one of the best solutions for manufacturers who are concerned about controlling costs.

Just-in Time manufacturing can work in low and high-volume environments. This option allows manufacturers to keep inventory low and save storage space while controlling costs. Just-in Time manufacturing is suitable when building product is very time-consuming or expensive. It’s very useful when the material used in product development is scarce or costly. That’s why it’s attractive in the automotive industry.

Low-volume manufacturing strategies work best when the manufacturers keep the majority of their product development process in the same place. At TEAM Rapid, we can design products, build prototypes, and create tooling, help to control costs. We specialize in low volume manufacturing and are familiar enough with all the available strategies. Our experts are here to guide you through the full product development process, including the design, creation, management and production of your product. We ensure success whether you are developing ten, twenty, or a thousand products. For more information, contact us at today.

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