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Rapid Tooling Process


If you are looking for ways to place your fantastic products to market quicker than your competitors, you come to the right place. Rapid tooling to manufacture parts will help you. As the development of technology, Rapid Tooling Process is available to product design teams.

Rapid Tooling Process

Rapid tooling is known by prototype tooling, prototype tooling and mold. It helps you to get parts quickly and cheaply. Keeping reading this article to explore more about the Rapid Tooling Process, and you will excited by the advantage by this technique.

Rapid Tooling is the creation of a mold in a shorter time. You could build mold in a matter of hours or days instead of weeks or months which machined mold would take. The ideal way to build prototype parts or a few hundred of parts before mass production is a rapid-tooled mold. The rapid tooling process is responsible for building the insert which includes the core, cavity, and side actions of the part.

There are different kinds of rapid tooling. Benefit based on the material you used accuracy technology, consistency and size. If you use rapid tooling for your prototype, please make sure the mold should be strong and smooth. If the mold material is not strong each, it may not work. And the mold must be able to withstand injection of hot plastic material. The mold needs to be smooth enough to inject plastic part cleanly. If the mold is not smooth, additional work is required after it is created to make it smooth enough for prototyping.

With the help of rapid prototyping, you don’t need to make pattern, molds or special tools which required by traditional mold. So, rapid prototyping reduced the time between initial design and analysis. Designer could modify products according to the feedback as rapid prototyping is highly automated which offer a competitive advantage by bringing new products to market quickly. Rapid prototype system also helps to save money. In rapid tooling, parts are injection molded same as in production. You can use them for impact testing.

Rapid prototyping service is cheap, quick and effective that allows you to get your parts to market quickly. It is an ideal choice for low volume production run because of its cost advantages. For more information about using rapid tooling in your business, please contact us at . We will guide you through the best options for your unique needs.

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