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Plastic Mold Factory


Plastic molds are the basic equipment to make plastic parts for plastic industry. To get your fantastic plastic parts, getting your injection mold done is very important. TEAM Rapid, as a leading plastic mold factory, we offer different options and solution to get your plastic injection mold and injection molds done. Our team of experts know the injection molds very well which will lead your project to success. Contact us today for your plastic injection molding projects.

Plastic Injection Molding


We are pound of ourselves to be a leader in plastic injection molding industries. Our advance auxiliary machines include crusher, granulator, hopper dryer, autoloader, air and water chiller, temperature controller, mixer and more. Our customers trust us to be the plastic injection mold factory leader in both engineering and manufacturing. We have developed and manufacturer millions of plastic parts annually for different industry and market. We have rich experience in analysis and testing for evaluation and verification in produce more durable plastic parts. As a leading plastic mold factory, all customers development and production projects are managed by our experienced project engineer who monitors and controls the whole process and offer updated status.


At TEAM Rapid, we provide mold maintenance services. Our mold maintenance services make sure every mold goes with regular cleaning and review based on the number of setups and cycles. Our mold inspections and maintenance are standard operating procedures. Our plastic injection molding product finishing capabilities include banding, costing, conductive painting, metalizing, plating and more. Our assembly capabilities include foil/heat sealing, heat staking, pining, melt gluing, ultrasonic welding, pouching and more. Being a leader Plastic Mold Factory, we service different countries all around the world like UK, US, Singapore etc.


If you are looking for plastic mold factory or Plastic Injection Molding or plastic mold, you are at the right place. We have more than 10 years of experience with specialization in plastic injection mold making. Our best services aim to offer plastic injection mold with dedication and commitment. For your in-depth consultation with your plastic mold projects, contact us at today!

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