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How Much Does It Cost to Rapid Prototype

Rapid Prototyoing China


That is a really good question which is very difficult to answer without specific drawing. Machining method, quantity, material, surface finish and labor cost are factors bears on the cost. “It depends” would be the general answer we get when without specific details.


People might already know about this. Here, we are going to try to give you a better answer for budgeting. Customers always think only 3D printing or additive manufacturing is good for making Rapid Prototype, and cost less expensive. But actually, there are couples of other processing ways for manufacturing your prototypes fast and economically.


At TEAM Rapid, we offer:


1. 3D printing or SLA starts at 10 USD for the first part.

2. CNC rapid prototype starts around 80 USD for the first part.

3. Vacuum casting starts at 150 USD for silicone mold and 1~2 parts (The unit price can be lower when you order quantity over 10 PCS). You can request a quote for scale pieces 5, 10, 20, 50.


Rapid Prototyping China would be cost less than in US and European, it can save you at least 30% manufacturing cost.


TEAM Rapid offers all these 3 main prototyping processes, we aim to help customer to build their prototypes at lower cost and better quality. Want to know more about us? Contact us at today and get in touch with our engineering team.

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