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Prototype Mold

As plastic injection molding is a high costs and a long process, so understanding when to use this method is very important. If you want rapid prototype and low to medium volume production, it is benefit from rapid plastic injection Prototype Mold. Injection molding is adapted to special simplification. With the help of prototype molds, you could manufacture qualitative parts which is same the end products in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Injection Prototype Mold


Please keep reading this article and we are sharing some advantages and limitations of prototype mold technique.


A Prototype Mold is designed for the rapid production of prototype which will use the mass production material and of small to medium volume parts. This method is help to produce parts economically and quickly. The injected part properties are the same as with a series mold. When the volume is large, this technology is preferred to the silicone mold. Rapid tooling consists of two mold bases and custom cavity plates. The cavity plates are machined from aluminum or soft steel alloy.


As injection prototype molds are commonly made out of aluminum of soft steel alloy, concept risk is lowered. This material is easier to machine. Molds will exclude all the functionalities of the first series which is simpler and easier to make revisions on the cavities. This great flexibility is a big advantage in prototype, sample or pre-production stage. The mold manufacturing process is accelerated. Parts can be produced in a very short time usually in around 2-4 weeks. It would be 20%-40% faster than and 5-10 times faster to polish than steel series molds. Plastic injection molds is the most high cost prototyping technology, going for a prototype mold to produce your parts will help to reduce the initial investment. It can produce parts up to several thousands in a short time.


Making a Injection Prototype Mold is less expensive than a series mold, but the incurred investment cost is higher than other prototyping technologies because of the injection molding machines, machining equipment, labor and injection materials. Compared to other quicker prototyping technologies like 3D printing, SLA and vacuum casting, it is a longer process because you will need to build a mold and inject the parts.


Injection prototype molding is the bridge between prototyping and mass production. Contact TEAM Rapid at ,if you have any question regarding to your projects.

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