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TOP 4 Benefits of Low-Volume Manufacturing

Using low-volume manufacturing methods as a bridge to link mass production and prototyping ensures the whole production process as smooth as possible. TEAM Rapid as a leading manufacturer in industry, we have more than 10 year‘s experiences in low-volume manufacturing. Our team of experts ensures Low-volume Manufacturing Methods we use are with high repeatability, efficiency, competency and precision. Contact us for low volume manufacturing enquiry, we will get you a free quote and lead your projects to success.

Low Volume Manufacturing

Low volume manufacturing typically means producing parts from 100 to 100,000 units. Before mass production, it is good to create a small batch to test the products at the market. Low-volume manufacturing allows product design to be cheaper and more flexible. And each party involved in the projects will benefit from a small batch of manufacturing.

Low-volume manufacturing allows easy design and offers ways to improve. With low-volume manufacturing, manufacturers can make a small batch to test in real market. And make corrections or improvement before mass production based on the market feedback. This helps to avoid extremely expensive tool and equipment cost.

Low-volume Manufacturing saves production cost. Producing a small batch with low-volume production technique takes less time and money than doing so by mass production tool because it is specialized for every single part. Universally, it takes more money and time to get everything that needs for mass-production. So, producing the first small batch with mass-production techniques is longer. Low-volume manufacturers are more flexible as they used standardized tooling.

Low-volume manufacturing links prototyping and mass production. As a prototype or even a functional prototype is just a prototype, it is not an end product. There are some errors need to be fixed. So manufacturers can not show them as a commercial product in some special cases. Low-volume Manufacturing plays a role as a link between production and prototypes. When manufacturers have produced a small batch, they will probably know the suitable technology and the way the parts should be in the market. They can test the first batch and make final corrections on the design before putting the products into market.

Shorten the time to market. The first one to launch new products is the winner. So, manufacturers seek to produce their new products in the shortest time. Shorter launch time can be achieved by using low-volume manufacturing methods. It helps manufacturers to put their products to market faster than their competitors.

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