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Advantages and Disadvantages Of Injection Molding

Injection molding is a manufacturing process to produce large volume parts. It is often used in mass production and produces the same parts in thousand units or even millions of times. The main advantage of injection molding is it is able to scale production. When the initial investment is done, the cost per unit in injection molded manufacturing is very low. Injection molding process produces very little material waste compared to traditional manufacturing process like CNC machining. CNC machining cuts away substantial percentage of a block material. Plastic waste from Injection Molding manufacturing comes from the sprue, runners, gate location and the overflow material leaks from the part cavity itself. Injection molding process is very repeatable. This excellent characteristic benefits manufacturers that produce part reliability in large volume production.  

Injection Molding

The disadvantages of Injection Molding Process are that the initial investment is high because of the design, testing and tooling. When manufacturers want to produce parts in large volume by injection molding process, they have to make sure the design is right the first time. And the injection molding process requests long lead time. Before manufacturers produce injection molded parts, they have to design and prototype a part, and then design and prototype a mold tool which can produce parts in large volume. The tool should be correct prior to mass production requests time and money. Injection mold tools are difficult to change as they normally made out of very hard material like steel. Injection molding necessitates uniform wall thickness.  

Injection molding process is a great technology to produce large production. It is very useful for finalized prototypes which are used for testing. TEAM Rapid, as a leading company in Injection Molding Industry, we provide high quality injection molding services to customers all around the world. If you need helps on your next injection molding project or want to learn more about this great technology, contact us at today.

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